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Causes of Aging Skin: Not-so Healthy Lifestyle Habits




Everyone knows the importance of healthy lifestyle habits, but there are some surprising habits that cause premature skin aging. If you want a youthful complexion, make sure to ditch these bad habits!


Skin-aging bad habits to ditch:


1) Makeup wipes

Makeup wipes may seem like the perfect solution when you’re too tired to wash your face, but experts agree that they do more harm than good. Wipes don’t remove all of your makeup, and they leave more dirt on your face than you realize.

When you drag a wipe over your skin, you’re just pushing your makeup back into your pores, especially if you don’t rinse your face with water. The wipes themselves will also leave behind a cleansing residue that can cause irritation. Plus, makeup wipes can cause wrinkles from the repetitive tugging near your eyes, leading to an aged appearance.

Use a real cleanser instead of wipes. Nothing removes pore-clogging impurities like professional makeup removers and facial cleansers.

2) Dirty makeup brushes

Speaking of makeup – always clean your makeup brushes. Daily use of dirty brushes can cause acne, irritation, rashes and even bacterial or fungal infections! Chronic irritation leads to premature aging, so clean your brushes at least once a month. Try this easy tip to clean them.

3) Poor diet

The connection between diet and overall health is fairly obvious, but a poor diet has a bigger impact on your skin than you probably realize. A poor diet can cause your skin to age faster, along with a myriad of other health disorders.

A diet high in sugar degrades collagen and elastin, which are the proteins that keep skin soft and youthful.* Not only that, but a poor diet contributes to acne, which can lead to post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH) otherwise known as acne spots, which contribute to an aged appearance.

 “You are what you eat. Everything you put into your body will have a direct impact on your skin. A poor diet can cause dullness, puffiness, redness, congestion, acne and more!” –Rhonda Robb, Spa Sweet Studio at The Trove Salon


4) UV exposure

UV exposure is the number one cause of skin aging. 90% of all visible age signs** and 80% of skin-aging free radical damage*** are caused by UV exposure. That exposure isn’t just caused by the times you’ve been sunburned – most of it actually occurs when you do every day activities like gardening, walking your dog, or even driving.

Even if there’s SPF in your makeup, you’re not fully protected.

“You would have to wear layer upon layer upon layer of makeup – much more makeup than an average person would wear – to reach the SPF level needed for protection.” –Carol Byrne


Always keep skin protected with a broad spectrum sunscreen, like RayDefense.

5) Stress

Not only does stress cause acne and oily skin, but it can create a toxic environment for your skin. Stress can wreak havoc on the body due to the increase of the stress hormone, cortisol. This affects sebum production, microcirculation, and hydration levels which all lead to a dull, aged complexion. Stress can also lead to free radical damage, which is another top cause of aging.

6) Smoking

Besides UV exposure, smoking is the worst habit for your skin. Smoking chokes skin’s tissues by depleting them of much needed oxygen. This causes the skin to function improperly and become sallow and lined. It also damages capillaries that carry away damaging free radicals, which leads to a toxic environment for the skin and accelerated aging.

If you want great skin, quit smoking and use Oxygenation to infuse your skin with oxygen to help repair the damage.

Now you know the top bad habits that lead to aging skin, but what about healthy lifestyle habits that keep your glowing complexion in top shape?



Healthy lifestyle habits to keep skin young


1) Receive regular professional facials

This is Hollywood’s number one secret to achieving and maintaining a youthful complexion. Regular professional facials and spa treatments counteract current, visible damage as well as any unseen skin damage. Find a spa near you.

2) Be consistent with your daily routine

If you constantly switch up your daily skin care routine, you’re doing more harm than good. To receive the best results from your skin care you need to be consistent. When you are inconsistent, you throw off your skin which can lead to irritation, inflammation, and faster aging.

“One piece of skin care wisdom I like to share is that everyone can have wonderful radiant skin at any age if the proper regimen is followed on a daily basis. Consult a licensed esthetician to find the best products for your skin.” –Carol Byrne


Find your true skin type with this quiz and start a daily regimen to promote healthy, youthful skin.

3) Exfoliate regularly

Many people skip skin exfoliation, but this is an essential habit to maintain if you want youthful skin. Regular exfoliation can diminish the appearance of fine lines, prevent wrinkles form worsening, reduce hyperpigmentation, and minimize the appearance of dark under eye circles and crows feet.

Even those with sensitive skin should still exfoliate; just choose an extremely gentle, skin-strengthening exfoliator, like Measured Micrograins +. To find the perfect exfoliator for your skin type, look here.

4) Prevent free radical damage

Many of the bad habits listed above cause a build-up of free radicals, but there are other measures you can take to reduce free radicals besides simply avoiding these habits. To scavenge skin-aging free radicals make sure to use antioxidant skin care, like Plump Start.  Vitamins C, A, and E are all also potent antioxidants that can protect skin.

Another way to reduce free radicals is to continually detoxify your skin. See #5 below to learn more.

5) Detoxify skin at-home and in the spa

Regular detoxifcation of the skin will reduce free radicals and other skin aging toxins. You can detoxify at home with professional skin care formulas, like Advanced VitaMineral C Complex and Kerafole, to purge impurities and clarify skin.

You can also detox in the spa with the VitaMineral Deep Detox Facial which consists of specialized movements that aid in toxin elimination and specialized formulas to help stimulate and detoxify the skin. Find a spa near you.


If you have any questions or comments about healthy lifestyle habits, sign up for our newsletter here or comment below!


*Source: Travis Stork, MD, Jennifer Berman, MD, Rachel Ross, MD, PhD




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