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I Don’t Want A Turkey Neck. Do You?


Here’s a vocabulary lesson for you: “wattle.” It’s the wrinkly skin that hangs down from the neck of certain animals – like turkeys.

We’ve been thinking about wattles lately, probably because it’s that Turkey time of year. And also because the neck is an area on women that shows signs of age prematurely: wrinkles, deep creases, rough texture. That’s why we created V-Neck Smoothing Creme – think of it as an anti-wattle wonder that targets deep neck wrinkles and crinkly weathered skin, chin-to-cleavage. It’s fueled with potent anti-wrinkle peptides, moisturizing hyaluronic acid and a powerful pigment lightener – a perfect complement to the rest of the anti-aging skin care products in your daily routine.

So enjoy this holiday season knowing the only one at the table with a wattle is the one on your plate.

Do you have any questions about the skin on your neck or chest? Let us know in the comments.


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candice says:
Nov 28, 2011

Since Spring 2011, I have been focused on my skin from neck to chest with improvement continuing thru daily applications of V Neck Friming Creme over CreateFirm followed by SPF 50 FaceScreen. Try for yourself!

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