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“All She Used Was Soap!”


We’ve all heard the story. A friend of a friend, or a celebrity’s mom, or a co-worker’s grandmother who “had the most beautiful, smooth, porcelain, wrinkle-free skin” in all the world.


Now, depending on the story, there may be a brand name associated with this bar of soap. But it doesn’t matter. What matters is this:

1. Soap cleanses the skin. It removes dirt, makeup and debris that can clog pores and cause congestion. Now clean skin is a great start to lifelong beautiful skin – but for the vast majority of people, it’s just that – a start. Your skin will benefit greatly from more daily basics like toner, moisturizer, and broad spectrum sunscreen. Add in an anti-aging skin care and weekly exfoliation, and you’re well on your way to “beautiful, smooth, porcelain skin.”

2. If the original story is true, bottle that woman’s genetics, because she won the DNA lottery! Yes, some people are just born with naturally gorgeous skin, and they don’t need the help of advanced skin care. To the rest of the world, let’s just be thankful for wrinkle-preventing SPF and the rest of our tried-and-true skin care products.

3. Or, the woman in the story may just be the master of illusion. That’s what’s great about science. We know so much about what ages us today, we know exactly what to do to stay looking amazing through the years. We don’t smoke, we stay out of the sun, we avoid environmental aggressors like stress and pollution, and we use skin care with UV protection, free radical fighters, potent retinols, topical calcium, AHAs, probiotics, benzoyl peroxide and hyaluronic acid to keep our skin looking its best. Maybe she did, too. And when they asked her what her secret was, she simply said “why, I just use a bar of soap!”


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Comments (3)

Jacqui says:
Oct 28, 2011

It’s entirely possible. I only used bar soap for over 25 years to cleanse my face. Never had acne problems and always got compliments on my skin. But (and it’s a big but!), I tend to limit sun exposure because I’m fair skinned and don’t tan. Good skin runs in my family, so genetics plays a large part. I’ve never been a big sleeper but I’ve always felt rested which is a big part of having nice skin. As I now have “mature” skin, I tend to use more products to keep it looking great!

    Barbara Salomone says:
    Oct 28, 2011

    Hi Jacqui – So you DO exist!!! It’s true, some people really are born with amazing genetics! But (and you’re right – it’s a big but!) no one can escape the sun! I’m glad to hear you limit your time in the rays, and have been using the right products as your skin “matures” to keep it looking as amazing as I’m sure it has looked your whole life. Keep up the great skin care work!!!

Jacqui G. says:
Jan 20, 2012

I used just soap to cleanse my face for soo many years and I was made fun of for upgrading to cleansing wipes. Never had acne issues in my life and I have to agree genetics plays a big part. I am currently an Esthetics students and as I learn more and more about the skin I think using good products as Bioelements will help keep your skin looking great for the yrs to come. I am a loyal Bioelements user and I also have my 10yr old on a skin care regimen…he notices the difference in his face.

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