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Hyperpigmentation? Forget You Ever Had It.

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Your skin never forgets. From suntans to acne, your skin keeps a visible record of the trauma it faces, which often shows up in the form of hyperpigmentation – dark spots and discoloration on your skin. While it might not show up for days or even years afterward, the hyperpigmentation you see now is the result of one of three triggers that causes the excess production of melanin (what gives our skin it’s natural color):

Hyperpigmentation Trigger #1: UV Exposure
UV rays (whether via the sun or trips to the tanning bed) results in a tan – which is a respnse to injury in the skin. High exposure over time will produce unevenly distributed patches of melanin, often called “age spots.”

Hyperpigmentation Trigger #2: Hormonal Imbalance
Hormonal birth control, hormone replacement therapy, and pregnancy can cause a surge of hormones that cause uneven melanin production, leading to what’s called melasma – or “the mask of pregnancy.” Exposure to UV radiation can make it more pronounced.

Hyperpigmentation Trigger #3: Injury
Often called Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (or PIH), waxing, acne, insect bites, and razor bumps can cause excess pigmentation at the site of irritation. UV exposure can make it appear even darker.

Now that you know the culprits behind hyperpigmentation, it’s time to wipe the record clean! Tackle stubborn dark spots with Bioelements NEW LightPlex GigaWatt Dark Spot Corrector and boost skin’s overall brightness with Bioelements NEW LightPlex MegaWatt Skin Brightener. Each is formulated with a triple-blend of skin brighteners that work together, from different angles, to prevent the formation of skin’s pigment.

But they aren’t just effective, they’re lightening-fast! In just 2 weeks, 99% said Bioelements LightPlex MegaWatt Skin Brightener improved skin tone, brightened overall skin tone, and boosted skin’s radiance. And the results get better with use:

Equally as impressive are the 2 week results with LightPlex GigaWatt Dark Spot Corrector: 98% said their age spots appeared less visible, 97% said it minimized the intensity of dark spots, and 96% said it improved the appearance of sun damage. And again – the more it’s used, the better the results:

Wear them individually to target specific pigment problems, or layer LightPlex MegaWatt over LightPlex GigaWatt to give UV damage, discoloration and dark spots a 1-2 punch.  The textures are so feather-light that they feel like “no layer” layers added to your daily skin routine.

Want to try them for yourself? Enter our giveaway! The giveaway has ended and the winners have been chosen! Congratulations to Annette, Patti, and Natalie – the three commenters randomly chosen to receive one Bioelements LightPlex GigaWatt Dark Spot Corrector and one LightPlex MegaWatt Skin Brightener.

*Scientific test based on a 100-woman consumer perception study.


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Comments (33)

Dia Davis says:
Sep 5, 2013

Oh, where to start. After so many grueling, unkind, unforgiving years in the bright Texas sun? The MegaWatt Skin Brightener is-how can I say, more than needed. Appreciate the chance, Bioelements

Dara Phillips says:
Sep 5, 2013

I only use Bioelements Products! I have hyperpigmentation spots all over my face because of my birth control and sun exposure. I am so self conscious. Please help! I want to try out the new products that help with hyperpigmentation.

Stacey McCurley says:
Sep 5, 2013

I would love to win this product – I have hyper pigmentation on my face from earlier years – it would be wonderful to have a more radiant complexion – great post!

Tanya White says:
Sep 5, 2013

oh how i would love to have this i have a large area on the back of my neck would love to see what these would do for it !

Ann Deegan says:
Sep 5, 2013

Too many years with a strive for that dark tan! Now I am paying for it! Cant wait to try this product!

Kristen Haller says:
Sep 5, 2013

I’ve been dealing with Melasma for 13 years. I have 3 children and each pregnancy it has gotten worse. It almost covers my whole face now 🙁 I’ve tried bleaching creams like straight hydrquinone and tri-luma, BBL photofacials, microdermabrasion, lactic and glycolic peels. I’m currently using a PDF brand brightening 2 step set. I have had barely any improvement and it keeps spreading. I need this please! If this really does what it claims I would love to experience the results!!!!

lisa m says:
Sep 5, 2013

I would love to try Bioelements LightPlex MegaWatt Skin Brightener. I was put on birth control and I had hormonal issues from it and my face hasn’t been the same. I got hyperpigmentation on my face and even my hands I got spots galore! I’m a pale person so it shows and I don’t like the look! I need help to improve my skin tone, to make it brighter and look more radiant and just gorgeous again!

Shannon Nadeau says:
Sep 5, 2013

I struggle with acne and the discoloration left behind. I would love to clear it fast!

Karen says:
Sep 5, 2013

I would love to win this because I have olive skin that scars easily, and I can’t seem to find a product that works! I would love to try this!!

Julie M. says:
Sep 6, 2013

I’m very fair skinned and starting to get some sun spots on my forehead. I also suffer from acne and it really seems like it takes a long time for the acne marks to go away. I would love to have nice smooth clear even colored skin!

Annette says:
Sep 6, 2013

I need both of them, because my skin suffers from hyperpigmentation due to years of sun exposure (without sunscreen). I’d like to lighten and brighten my face to help make me look younger.

Joanne C. says:
Sep 6, 2013

I would love to try this because I have hyperpigmentation that just will not go away. I have tried all kinds of treatments and products and nothing seems to help. It is so embarrassing and really hits at my self-esteem because the marks are so obvious on my face.

Stephanie says:
Sep 7, 2013

The melasma on my face needs this treatment!

Robin J. says:
Sep 7, 2013

I need LightPlex MegaWatt Skin Brightener badly, as I have reached a new milestone and join the 40+ club and my skin lacks luster, appears dry and I work harder also and living in the city does not help with it’s pollution taking it’s toll on my once bright clear skin which does affect my self confidence as your face is the first thing people see, so it would be great to age gracefully and have glowing skin again! 🙂

Kim Cobb says:
Sep 7, 2013

51 years old…baby oil and tin foil instead of SPF. Need I say more?

Alecia Mickelsen says:
Sep 7, 2013

Years of sun-worshiping with my mom on top of our roof. Would love to try this product out.

Amy Ansaldi says:
Sep 7, 2013

Hyperpigmentation! Would love to try this product!

Marcia S. says:
Sep 7, 2013

I would love to try this. I’ve suffered from hyperpigmentation for years and despite many trips to the dermatologist, it just won’t go away. And now I’ve read that the hydroquinone I’ve been using for years may be the reason I still have it. I’m inching towards 50 so I know there are age related skin issues that can’t be avoided but I’m hoping hyperpigmentation is not one of the. Help me out!

Patti Smith says:
Sep 7, 2013

I would absolutely love to win Bioelements LightPlex MegaWatt Skin Brightener and GigaWatt Dark Spot Corrector to lift the veil of golden brown spots I seem to be collecting on my face and décolleté as I am going through my “golden years”. I never realized that phrase could have so many meanings! 🙂 I would also share it with a friend suffering from melasma!

Ashley Elizabeth Bransfield says:
Sep 7, 2013

Sice having my two little munchkins, hyperpigmentation has taken over my face!! HELP!!

Angie Kraft says:
Sep 7, 2013

I love everything I have ever used from Bioelements!! I would love to see how this could correct hyper pigmentation & even out my complexion. I’m very fair skinned so any redness really shows up. Thanks for the chance!!

Natalie says:
Sep 7, 2013

I need LightPlex MegaWatt Skin Brightener and LightPlex GigaWatt Dark Spot Corrector, because I am struggling with the misfortune of hyperpigmentation triggered by UV exposure (mostly overexposure from my younger days . . . !) and old acne scars. Honestly, I’ve had pretty good skin up until now and must admit that hyperpigmentation can definitely make a woman feel a little self conscious. This product sounds like exactly what I need to get my skin back to the condition it should be in, if not better 😉

Marie B says:
Sep 7, 2013

I was in a serious car accident when I was 2. Had multiple plastic surgeries and skin grafts on my face. I am now experiencing a dark spot on my forehead, uneven skin tone and discolored spots from breakouts that I can’t tackle. I have enough scaring on my face that I hide with makeup and really want to get away from having to do that for my skin tone and dark spots. I really want to try lightplex out.

Dallie Davis says:
Sep 7, 2013

I need both of these products now that I am in my 30s & have so many years of hormonal imbalance, acne & sun damage starting to show on my face. I would love to find products that actually provide the results they claim! These sound like they might be just whet i have been looking for to make my skin as beautiful & healthy as i know it can be.

Jeannette Mayuga says:
Sep 7, 2013

I am so excited to try these new products! I will keep a before and after pictures to keep track of how fast and effective these products work!

Petunia says:
Sep 7, 2013

Those spring breaks in Florida did a number on my skin. This sounds like the perfect treatment for me!

Danielle Beach says:
Sep 7, 2013

I NEED this! My skin seems to be o dull and uneven. PLEASE help me out! As always I’s sure this product is Awesome!

Amber Zimmerman says:
Sep 7, 2013

I work under fluorescent lights all day and would LOVE to look a little less grey and a lot more bright! Plus, the age spots need some fading so I look more like my 36 years of age and not 40. Lastly… my 36th birthday is on September 17th and these products would make the best gift!!! 🙂

Diane P says:
Sep 7, 2013

I have fair skin and I have always been worried about too much sun. I’ve never been one to lay out. I have had a lot of ‘red’ marks left over from 25 years of acne. At age 34 I went on vacation, used sun screen–but alas I noticed a large brown “Island chain” had appeared on my forehead… something new and way weird. A year later with my first pregnancy, the “mask” began. I am confused because I have such light skin! I started using Hydroquinone to get rid of it, which was successful. Now I am 38 and I’m 8 month’s pregnant in my second pregnancy, I can’t use hydroquinone and now realize the risk of using this drug. Now I have a pronounced “giraffe face”…very large spots…. despite wearing an SPF every day. Hoping to try these products as something I can use while pregnant-then breastfeeding.

Tori says:
Sep 7, 2013

I would love to try the dark spot corrector as I have a few areas on my face that suffer from hyperpigmentation

Amanda Edwards says:
Sep 7, 2013

I need this product in my life! I use a lot o foundation to cover my face people tel me all the time I wear too much make up well the truth Is I have freckles and sunspots! I feel tha is product would not only benefit my skin but also help lighten my freckles and sunspots so I won’t feel so self conscious about my true skin! I’m super excited about this give a way and use bioelements at home and work! I wou love the chance to give a testimonial on how well this helpd my skin as well as clients to use in the future! Blessings<3

Karen says:
Sep 8, 2013

It would be nice to once and for all see these acne spots and sun spots disappear… its the the last thing keeping my skin from looking flawless.. 🙂

anne hill says:
Sep 8, 2013

i need these products cuz i have battled melasma since my early 20s and i would love to try a product that will work!

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