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10-Second Solutions to Your Eye Aging Problems

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Dark circles, crowsfeet, loss of firmness… no wonder it can be tempting to go to great lengths to avoid aging around the eyes.  But not all wrinkle relief needs to come in the form of a bird poop facial (seriously!) or invasive procedures. Sometimes, all it takes is a quick fix – like tweaking your daily skin agenda and adding couple new healthy habits. Here are 4 eye aging solutions that will help you shed years –  in 10 seconds or less.

  1. Morning Moisture.  Late nights and daily squinting at computers, cell phones, TVs, and more can cause dark undereye circles and fine lines characteristic of the daily grind. You need a multi-pronged approach to tackle them all. Apply Bioelements Multi-task Eye Creme every morning for a moisture boost that eases the appearance of fine lines and brightens dark circles. The added moisture will also leave your eye area perfectly primed for a color correcting concealer that applies smoothly and evenly for complete dark circle relief! If you have a Sensitive skin type or experience seasonal sensitivities from changing weather or allergies, Bioelements Calmitude Delicate Skin Eye Gel will hydrate while tackling puffiness and undereye circles.
  2. Grab Your Shades. Preventing eye-area wrinkles can be as easy as slipping on a large pair of sunglasses before you step outside. Not only can repetitive motions like squinting in the sunlight lead to fine lines and wrinkles, but day-in, day-out incidental UV exposure to the area only makes things worse. Protect and prevent with a pair of large sunglasses that not only keep you from squinting, but shield the delicate skin around the eye from the sun’s skin damaging rays.
  3. Work All Night. No, not you! Make your skin care pull an all-nighter so you don’t have to. Apply an overnight age activist like Bioelements Sleepwear for Eyes right before bed. The overnight treatment will target crows feet, smooth surface lines, and increase the feeling of firmness. Maximize your results by using a gentle eye area exfoliant beforehand. While there are multiple benefits to eye exfoliation, one that helps with eye aging is how it helps powerful anti-aging ingredients penetrate deeper into the skin
  4. Apply Like a Pro. The professionals’ secret? How you apply your products can make all the difference. Always apply eye products using your ring finger – it’s the weakest and will put less stress on the skin surrounding the eye. Start patting the product on at the outer corner of your eye and work your way toward the inner corner. This pro application technique won’t take any extra time, but it can take years off your eyes!

Do you have any time-saving, age-fighting tips? Let us know in the comments!


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