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5 Professional Secrets of Dry Brushing


I’m pretty excited this week, because we just launched the Bioelements Dry Brush Body Smoothing System – the 3-step professional secret to maintain smoother, softer skin at home. It combines strategic steps found in the best professional body treatments from coast to coast, combined with an age-old technique depended on for smoother, healthier-looking skin for centuries – dry brushing.

Here are the 5 secrets we professionals know about dry brushing – and why you should be doing it every day:

5. Dry brushing exfoliates the dead, dulling skin cells that accumulate on your body. Sweeping off these cells renews texture, smooths and softens.

4. It’s preventative. If you find your skin gets drier in the winter, you can help prevent that flaky skin before it starts.

3. Dry brushing increases skin’s circulation, jump-starting its renewal process.

2. Dry brushing energizes you – and it only takes a few minutes. Just gently sweep the entire body from neck to toes to feel its immediate benefits. It’s the perfect way to start the day before you jump into the shower.

1. And number 1? This one we can’t really put in words. You have to see it for yourself. It’s the change you’ll see after you dry brush your skin daily for just a few weeks.

Have you ever tried dry brushing? Tell us your thoughts or questions in the comments.


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Comments (2)

Nicole says:
Dec 15, 2011

Is dry brushing safe for acne prone skin? My chest, shoulders, and back have been breaking out terribly lately and I can’t seem to get it under control. I am pregnant, so I know part of it is hormones… But nothing (without benzoyl or salicylic) is working! I’ve been using anti bacterial cetaphil and aveeno non comedogenic lotion. I also tried a body brush in the shower and it just seems to irritate it. 🙁

teresa says:
Dec 19, 2011

Hi Nicole, Dry brushing is a great way to help prevent breakouts by stimulating cell turnover to keep pores clean and skin soft. However, once breakouts are present, you need to avoid dry-brushing- as you have already stated, it may irritate. You also need to be careful due the fact that you are pregnant. It’s best to treat the skin gently- once your pregnancy is over, your skin will probably normalize once your hormones get back to normal. If you are still frustrated with your skin, it’s best to ask your doctor, due to your pregnancy.

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