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Which cleanser is yours?



Cleansers are arguably one of the most important tools you have to keep your skin healthy. It’s the first step in any good skin care routine and is essential to remove dirt, debris, makeup, dead skin cells and anything else that has settled on your face throughout the day (or night!). But, which cleanser is best for you?


If you have dry, tight skin

Do you have dry, tight, flaky or “thin” skin? Moisture Positive Cleanser comforts and hydrates your skin with strengthening ginseng, gotu kola and dong quai extracts. This rich, creamy formula washes away impurities and dissolves makeup without robbing your skin of much needed moisture.


If you have an oily t-zone + dry cheeks

Do you deal with oil in certain areas and dryness in others? This is a sign that you have combination skin and need to cleanse accordingly. Flash Foam Cleanser uses foaming pineapple, papaya and pumpkin enzymes to gently exfoliate and balance skin. Flash Foam Cleanser acts as a ‘exfoliating booster’ and leaves your skin smooth and happy.


If you get oily and shiny all over

If your skin becomes oily within a few hours of cleansing and you have large pores and a shiny t-zone, then choose a cleanser for oily skin. Decongestant Cleanser cleanses away impurities and oil with invigorating neroli and petitgrain essential oils. This lathering cleanser will help manage excess oil and leaves your skin feeling sparkly clean, soft and refreshed.


If your skin is prone to blemishes and breakouts

While most people experience the occasional breakout, some people are prone to constant blemishes and breakouts. Spotless Cleanser uses maximum strength salicylic acid to remove the surface bacteria that causes acne.


If you get irritated skin frequently

Does your skin sting, flush, or itch for no reason? If you experience those sensations along with visible redness or irritation, use Sensitive Skin Cleanser. This olive oil based formula uses complexion calming oils to gently melt away impurities for clean, comfortable skin.


If you travel

Great skin needs a great travel companion. Get your favorite cleanser in our flight-friendly sizes so you can keep your skin squeaky clean on the go.




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