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Skin Care Tips: The Facial Cleanser Domino Effect


Ever ask yourself, “What is my skin type?” Did you know you can confuse your skin into thinking it’s a different skin type? It happens when you use the wrong facial cleanser. That’s why one of our favorite skin care tips is also the easiest: Use the right cleanser!

It’s an easy tip to follow, but when it’s overlooked, it can lead to domino effect of skin problems. Here’s how it happens:

Let’s say you have a Dry skin type, but you use a products for oily skin. That cleanser is formulated to help rid skin of excess oil, so it will work the same way on your Dry skin – robbing it of the essential moisture and oil it needs to stay soft and comfortable.

This one action sets off the first domino. Now your skin is going to overcompensate for the oil and hydration that’s been removed by the Oily skin cleanser you used – by producing excess oil. Essentially, your dry skin has been “tricked” into thinking it’s oily!

Your skin is producing oil, even though it’s not an oily skin type. And since you see oil, you start treating it with products created for oily skin – using a moisturizer for Oily skin, or a night treatment for Oily Skin.

There go the next few dominoes… And serious problem is emerging – you may be using the best products for Oily Skin, but in the end, all they will do is make your true Dry skin even drier!

So let’s rewind back to the beginning. If you chose the right cleanser from the start – among other products for Dry skin – the first domino would not have fallen. Your dry skin would have received the rich hydration it needed, and your skin would not have been tricked into producing oil.

Do you have any questions about your skin type or other skin care tips? Let us know in the comments!


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Comments (4)

PDottie says:
Mar 17, 2012

I aways used products for combination skin. I Never used this line before. I just bought a Starter kit for combination skin. So far this seems to be working well on my face. ( Its been only 4 days). Please tell me your Definition of combination skin.
I know the skin will change due to cooler/warmer temps.
Im 54 ,and I would like you tell me what you would reccomend for me during the change in temperature , and what else you might think I should use in this line. I haven’t purchase any other product but this Starter Kit.

    Barbara Salomone says:
    Mar 19, 2012

    Combination skin is truly a blend of both dry and oily skin – the t-zone experiences oil while the cheeks and outer perimeter of the face experiences dryness. A balance is needed to treat both areas effectively, without causing the dry areas to become drier or the oily t-zone to become oilier. The best way to find out what skin type you have is to ask yourself if you see the classic traits of oily skin. Click here to see that list, and our full line of the best products for Oily Skin types..

    Also – I recently wrote a post that adresses your exact question about how Combination skin can handle changes in weather. As we approach spring and summer’s warmer temps, your T-Zone will get oiler from the heat and humidity – so you’ll want to switch to a cleanser for oilier skin types. You can read the entire post here.

sara says:
Apr 24, 2012

That’s a good point there. Are you supposed to use different skin cleansers for your T-zone and the rest of your face? And if there is a single cleanser that can be used for the entire combination-skin face, how does it accomplish that?

Beth Kenerson, Bioelements Learning Coach says:
Apr 25, 2012

Hi Sara – there’s no need to use a different cleanser for various parts of your face – cleansers suited for combination skin are formulated with carefully chosen key ingredients that treat a variety of common skin conditions, hence their categorization as combination. For example, our Flash Foam Cleanser for multiple skintypes contains gentle enymes, green tea and panthenol B5 in a lightweight foam which is suitable for a wide spectrum of users.

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