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Microbead-Free Exfoliating Facial: All About Our Jojoba Bead Scrub & 5 Reasons You’ll Love It


Blog-full-width_MM-Plus-top5Bioelements NEW Measured Micrograins + features good-for-the-environment jojoba beads and a microbead-free formula that’s perfect to use at-home or in professional facials for problem-prone skin. Here are our top five reasons to love this microbead-free facial scrub:


Environmentally Friendly

Many exfoliating facial scrubs are made with plastic microbeads, which can flow into waterways and harm aquatic life.  New Measured Micrograins + replaces these environmentally harmful microbeads with all-natural jojoba beads – an environmentally sustainable ingredient that’s amazingly effective. This new microbead-free formula is not only better for our planet, but provides exfoliation without irritation.


Great for Sensitive Skin

While some sensitive skin types often can’t tolerate physical facial scrubs, Measured Micrograins + is designed for all skin types – sensitive and unpredictable ones included! Natural jojoba beads exfoliate while iris root extract, zinc sulfate, and vitamin A control excess oil and refine skin. After exfoliating and refining pores it’s crucial to strengthen and calm the skin, which Measured Micrograins + does thanks to potent Chinese herbs, aloe, oatmeal and allantoin.


Multi-Purpose Action

Here’s why estheticians really love Measured Micrograins +: versatility. It can be used as a straightforward exfoliating scrub, as a facial mask, or it can be mixed with a cleanser to create an effective, non-irritating exfoliating cleanser. Either way, skin will experience the same benefits without irritation.


Perfect for Professional Use

Measured Micrograins + is a brilliant at-home exfoliator, but it also works wonders in the treatment room. Here’s how:

Estheticians can blend this microbead-free face scrub with the appropriate cleanser to create an exfoliating scrub for the Cleanse portion of any Bioelements facial (excluding the Depigmenting & Brightening Facial and the Ultra-Detox Chemical Peel).  Massaging this microbead-free exfoliating scrub onto the skin under steam paves the way for better absorption of active ingredients later in the facial and also softens the skin dramatically. The use of Measured Micrograins + during this portion of the facial is essentially a workout for the skin because it gets rid of dead skin cells, and stimulates the nerve endings and blood flow in the face and neck. You can also use this facial scrub as a lip treatment. Simply massage a small amount over the lips during the facial, and remove with water.

Plus, Measured Micrograins + can be Custom Blended in the treatment room (and for at-home use) to create a one-of-a-kind professional formula for personalized results. Just add a few drops of our concentrated additives and aromatherapist oils to target specific client concerns – like redness, dehydration, visible capillaries, and more.


Refreshing, Cooling Sensation

After rinsing off this gentle microbead-free exfoliating scrub, the skin will experience a refreshingly cool sensation that soothes and calms. Want to amplify this sensation? Store Measured Micrograins + in the fridge for maximum coolness. You can also increase this refreshing physiological sensation by spraying toner liberally to the face after removing Measured Micrograins +.

If you have any questions about using Measured Micrograins + jojoba bead scrub at home or in the treatment room, leave a comment below!



Bioelements Partnership Spa skin care professionals;

We’re giving away THREE Measured Micrograins + Retail & Pro Treatment Room Offers for your spa – each one is complete with:

  • 6 Measured Micrograins + 2.5 oz. Retail
  • 2 Measured Micrograins + 8oz Pro
  • 8 Measured Micrograins + carded samples
  • 6 Measured Micrograins + travel sizes
  • 1 Measured Micrograins + countercard

Remember, this giveaway is open ONLY to licensed skin care professionals at Bioelements Partnership Spas who are registered on To enter, leave a comment below telling us why you’re excited about Measured Micrograins + – and include your name, your Partnership Spa name, city and state for verification. (interested in becoming a Bioelements Partnership Spa? Click here).

GIVEAWAY HAS ENDED.  Giveaway ends 5 pm PST Friday, July 10, 2015. Three (3) winners will be chosen at random and notified via email. GOOD LUCK!


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Comments (19)

Lori Adams says:
Jul 7, 2015

As a licensed esthetician and Owner of a Spa & Salon I highly recommend these products to all my clients. The bioelements line is formulated to achieve maximum results for every skin type and concern. The botanically based products are extremely effective and deliver results you have to see to believe. It’s a skin care line specifically designed for you! Bioelements definitely knows how to take care of you! No other skin care line does that!

Amber Richeson says:
Jul 7, 2015

I have loved using this product! I love how gentle it is, while still being effective. I also love the versatility of the product.

Tonya says:
Jul 7, 2015

I am excited about it because of it being environmentally friendly! Thank you Bioelements for making this possible!
Tonya Atkinson
Serenity Spa
Traverse City, MI

Jarrod says:
Jul 8, 2015

I love that Bioelements is constantly reviewing their products to ensure that their formulas are up to date with the latest and greatest! Measured Micrograins + is not only environmentally friendly, the dual action of scrub and mask & oil control ingredients make this an at-home and treatment room must-have! It is the perfect physical exfoliation for new facial clients!!! Man, is this product wonderful or what?!

Katie Simmons says:
Jul 8, 2015

I love that we can use this on virtually every skin care client, and adapt it to their needs.

Cynthia Knisely says:
Jul 8, 2015

I like Bioelements skincare products. They review all there products
This new one is very interesting.
It is good for the environment/
Plus it is good for sensitive skin, like me.
Plus it is multi-purpose.
It can be exfoliating scrub or facial mask.
I would love to try it and write my own review


Jessi Benson says:
Jul 9, 2015

Measured Micrograins +, does it get any better?! I now have an incredible, environmentally safe, option for my very most sensitive skin types as well as a versatile product for everyone! I have fallen in LOVE with this product myself and use it in the shower as a mask or to boost my cleanser. And of course, we’ve been adding it to our treatments in a variety of ways. Another “can’t live without” product; way to go Bioelements!!

Lori Adams says:
Jul 9, 2015

Just ordered my environmentally safe bioelements Measured Micrograins today! To be able to tell my clients that one of their favorite products is now environmentally safe is huge!! Woo Hoo Bioelements! Same great products only better!

Jennifer Hughes says:
Jul 9, 2015

Fountain of Youth Spa in Kennewick Wa 99336

I am excited about it for many reasons but mainly because now I can offer an exfoliater to a client who has sensitive skin. Many people have never had that necessity before. I love the cooling/refreshing feeling

ellen willett says:
Jul 9, 2015

need don’t want to look my age

A. Greene says:
Jul 9, 2015

Why I’m excited about Measured Micrograins:

Measured Micrograins makes my skin smooth, healthy, and ready for any season of the year.

Measured Micrograins
Oh, how you make up for the summer rains.
Jojoba beads to the rescue.
For dull skin that is long overdue!

You have so many wonderful qualities: environmental friendly, a friend to sensitive skin, multipurpose, and a cooling sensation.

Measured Micrograins is a MUST have for every esthetician around the nation!

Oh, how I would love to win your giveaway.
I’m hoping that maybe today is my lucky day!

Good luck to everyone.

A. Greene

Stephanie Emrick says:
Jul 9, 2015

I’m excited about the Measured Micrograins to see and feel the difference. Just when I think Bioelements is perfect, another amazing product comes out. I love all the exfoliation options. Can’t wait to start hearing feedback from my clients and learning more ways to use this new formula.
Thank you-
Stephanie Emrick
Owner of the Skin Suite
Dayton, Ohio

Anika says:
Jul 9, 2015

Bioelements works wonderful with my skin, every time the season changes, Bioelements has the perfect product to keep my skin from being dry or oily

Jeannette Mayuga says:
Jul 10, 2015

I have been using Bioelements for 6 years now and I still love it! I am now using the micrograins with the initial facial cleanse and it preps the skin for the next steps if the facial better. I like the fact that its gor all skin type and that its environmentally friendly!

Christina Hundt says:
Jul 10, 2015

Measured Micrograins is amazing and environmentally friendly! Who wouldn’t get excited over that?:)

Sue Kolve’s Salon and Day Spa
Onalaska WI

Kathy Hilyard says:
Jul 10, 2015

As a skin care specialist and a 45 year old woman, helping my skin and the skin of my clients look it’s best is my top priority. I love that Bioelements is on the cutting edge with new and improved products. I am so excited about the new foulation of Measured Micrograins+ and how it will impact my skin and my clients skin. Bioelements is always striving to make skin better!

Amber N. says:
Jul 10, 2015

I love bioelements! The measured micrograins are a great part of every facial! Im excited to try the new one on my clients from young to mature! Everyone loves the way these products make there skin feel!

Hairology Salon and Spa
660 e . Irving park
Roselle, IL

Karen Tinley says:
Jul 10, 2015

I love the new Measured Micrograins. Having so many ways to use it in the treatment room and at home.

Meena Nichani says:
Jul 14, 2015

Absolutely love your products ! I use the eye cream right now and would love to expand my repertoire of your products ! Always looking to improve my skin

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