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Meet Your Serum Saviors



Facial serums are lightweight, highly concentrated products formulated to deliver a higher dosage of beneficial ingredients to the skin. Many immediately think “anti-aging” at the mention of a serum, but we’re here to reveal a variety of problem-solving serums that tackle more than just lines and wrinkles.

Meet the Smoother:

Your skin is like a brick wall – the cells are bricks while the lipids, or natural fats, between them are the mortar. Lipids help preserve moisture within the skin to keep it plump and hydrated. Age and environmental stressors can cause these lipids to break down, leading to skin that’s dehydrated, rough, and looks visibly aged. Bioelements Recovery Serum contains ceramides to heal and strengthen depleted lipids. Apply a thin layer to the entire face and neck to leave skin hydrated, repaired, and exceptionally smooth.

Meet the Hydrator:

When you feel like your moisturizer isn’t enough, a serum with hydrating ingredients not only quenches your skin’s thirst, but targets wrinkles and fine lines. Hyaluronic acid is a hydrator in Bioelements Moisture x10 that can super-saturate the skin, binding up to 1000 times its weight in water to the surface of the skin and boosting the efficiency of your moisturizer. Applying this serum can rapidly rehydrate skin, leaving it feeling smoother and softer.

Meet the Strengthener:

External stressors like free radicals, allergens, and environmental changes can prematurely age the skin. Using a serum loaded with probiotics will help strengthen skin, and defend against visible aging, by adding to the natural microflora present on the skin. Probiotics are naturally occurring, skin-friendly bacteria that fight free radical damage. As you age, the probiotic environment can diminish, weakening the skin’s defense. Bioelements Probiotic Anti-Aging Serum contains active probiotics to boost your skin’s natural microflora to fight the visible effects of aging like lines and wrinkles.

Meet the Soother:

Skin that suffers from visible irritation from the environment or overly aggressive products can benefit from a serum with a suite of soothing ingredients. Cornflower, licorice root, and honeysuckle flower extract are the skin-comforting ingredients in Bioelements Stress Solution. Just as important as what is in a serum is what it doesn’t contain. Stress Solution doesn’t contain any artificial colorants, synthetic fragrance, parabens, DEA, phthalates, or harsh irritants – unnecessary ingredients that can further irritate skin. Not only will it calm irritation, but it will boost your skin’s natural protective barrier.

Meet the Firmer:

Age and environmental stressors can cause the lipids in your skin to shrink, causing sagging and wrinkles. For a serum that fights sagging and promotes taut skin, our exclusive Aquamide-5® increases the feel of firmness in skin on the face and neck. Bioelements CreateFirm gives you a needle-less, laser-less option, with ceramides that protect the skin from further stress that can lead to visible skin aging.

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Comments (3)

SueAnna says:
Apr 15, 2013

i have been researching and looking for a great skin care regiment i saw this today and read a little on it i can not decide which to use there are so many plus i am on a budget do you offer this in a package. like a cleanser, something for eyes for toning and a moisturizer all together for a certain price or doe you have to buy each on individual…which i am sure i will not be able to afford thanks any info would help..

    Barbara Salomone says:
    Apr 15, 2013

    Our Starter Kits may be a great choice for you: you receive the cleanser, toner, and moisturizer that’s right for your skin type, plus a free Measured Micrograins exfoliator or Instant Emollinet for your lips. It’s all your daily essentials in one box at a great value.

Liz Halpen says:
Apr 15, 2013

I have been using Bioelement products since mid February – my skin has improved tremendously – upon our return from SC – friends asked if I had an “eye lift” – very impressive results.

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