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Celebrity skincare “secrets”: Are they actually harmful?


celebrity skincare secrets

If you spend any amount of time online, you’ve probably encountered celebrity skincare “secrets” or advice. They range from being quite extreme, like Kim Kardashian’s “vampire facials” and Snooki’s kitty litter exfoliator, to seemingly tame comments like “I don’t wash my face at night”. We consulted a panel of estheticians and skin care experts to see what they thought of these so-called celebrity skincare secrets.


The plague of celebrity “health” advice

“Celebrities are not estheticians. They are not skin care professionals. They often give their opinions based on a paid endorsement, or sometimes just on a whim to get some press. A celebrity may have beautiful skin, but even if what they are doing works for them, what does that have to do with you and your skin?” –Teresa Stenzel, Bioelements Director of Education

Just because celebrities are gorgeous doesn’t mean their advice should be followed. Their “perfect” complexions have more to do with good genes and professional makeup teams than they do with unconventional treatments or rituals. There are several reasons you should be wary of celeb skin advice:


1) Celebrities are not trained professionals

This is the most important reason celebrity skincare “secrets” are harmful. Celebrities are not trained or licensed professionals. Everything from skincare advice to general health advice should be taken with a grain of salt.

“Point blank, celebrities do not have the education of a skin care professional. Both estheticians and dermatologists have invaluable experience with many types of skin and know the correct solutions to maintain skin health. An esthetician can look at your skin, analyze its needs, and establish a plan for actual improvement. A celebrity cannot.” –Carol Byrne, esthetician

“Your skin care professional KNOWS your skin. They see you in person, and touch your skin. They know what questions to ask, and how to listen to your concerns about your skin. They know what to do with that information in the treatment room, and they will give you professional recommendations on how to care for your skin at home, morning and night.” –Teresa Stenzel, Director of Education 


2) Celebrity advice is not based in science

We are in a unique point in history where false or unproven information is easily published on various outlets. This has made room for celebrities to step in as the “experts” when nothing could be further from the truth. Celebrity culture does not belong in the realm of health and science, but somehow they have inserted themselves into this world.

It’s crucial to follow information that has been backed up by science, especially when it comes to health and skincare. Always see if the advice is backed by a legitimate source.


3) Celebrities are often paid to promote brands

“Celebrities are essentially part of the advertising realm. Often, the skincare or health advice they provide is part of a larger advertising campaign. They are paid to promote products more often than you think. Depending on the outlet they’re dispersing the advice on, they don’t necessarily need to disclose their connection to the brand.” –Carol Byrne, esthetician


4) What works for a celebrity might not work for you

“Everyone’s skin is drastically different, so the system that works for a celebrity might not work for you. In order to achieve real results for your skin, you must go to a licensed professional who can assess your needs.” –Kelly Leonard, licensed esthetician and Bioelements educator


Not all advice is bad

While you should critically examine all information and advice you receive, not all the advice celebrities give is inherently bad. Some celebrities back fairly proven methods of skincare, like dry brushing and regular facials.

The problem is that, as long is it’s printed in a gossip magazine or seen on Facebook, there’s often a complete and total trust in celebrity advice. If you hear celebrity advice that you think might work for your skin, talk to your esthetician. The important thing to remember is to always consult the professionals and never automatically assume celebrity advice is gospel.


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