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4 Different Face Mask Benefits of Deep Purging Kerafole


4 ways to use kerafole

Spa professionals and skin care fanatics have raved about the clearer, brighter, smoother skin they get from the Kerafole for years, but did you know you can use this fan-favorite clove, algae and malic acid formula four different ways? Read on to learn how to unclog pores, get smoother lips, and the other face mask benefits of Bioelements Kerafole.

  1. Kerafole as a facial mask 1-2 times a week

Use Kerafole as your weekly exfoliation product to uncover fresh, revitalized skin. Simply apply to dry, clean skin, avoiding the eye area. Leave on for 10 minutes and let this tingling face mask go to work. Your skin will appear brighter and smoother after you rinse off thoroughly.

  1. The 7-day Kerafole Purge

If you’re wondering how to unclog pores, try the Kerafole Purge. Use Kerafole as a mask, following the directions above, every single day for 7 consecutive days to perform this intensive treatment. After completing this treatment, your skin will experience a complete purge of impurities. To learn more about the Kerafole Purge click here.

  1. Kerafole as a lip treatment

This superstar product also makes for an easy lip treatment! Kerafole can all be massaged onto the lips for a quick fix for dry or rough lips. Apply Kerafole over the lips as a 10 minute exfoliation treatment.

  1. Use it in the treatment room

Your esthetician can use Kerafole combined with professional-use-only formulas in a number of different treatments to amplify the results. Learn more:


If you have any questions about Kerafole or how to unclog pores sign up for our newsletter here or comment below! Do you use Kerafole in another way that we didn’t list? Let us know in the comments section.

Comments (4)

Kay says:
Apr 5, 2017

I have just started using Quick Refiner. Would Kerafole be of any benefit, or would it be too much for dry skin that gets an occasional blemish?

    Teresa Stenzel
    Teresa Stenzel says:
    Apr 7, 2017

    Yes, you can use both Quick Refiner and Kerafole together. Just don’t apply them on the same day. If you are using Quick Refiner every night, stop for a few days before applying the Kerafole mask. You can mask once a week, and then go back to your Quick Refiner.

Laura says:
Jul 26, 2018

What is the benefit of Kerafole over a charcoal based mask?

    Teresa Stenzel
    Teresa Stenzel says:
    Aug 9, 2018

    Hi Laura, Kerafole is designed to deeply purge pores with natural exfoliators and is stimulating. A lot of charcoal masks (not all) are gimmicky peel off masks that actually harm your skin.

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