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Let’s talk about back acne


It’s estimated that 75% of those who have facial acne also suffer from breakouts on the back. But just because you can’t face it in the mirror directly, doesn’t mean you have no control over its appearance. Here are 3 ways to say goodbye to bacne and get your skin looking so clear and smooth, you’ll want to wear every backless dress, halter top and bikini you can find.

1. Give your hair conditioner the evil eye, because it may be the cause of your back acne. Its oils could be pore-clogging, so never let them sit on your skin. Always wash your body well after rinsing out your conditioner. Stay away from plain old “soap” that has fragrance or perfume (check the ingredient label), as it can irritate skin. And keep your body skin exfoliated to get rid of pore-clogging dead cells. Try: Comfortably Clean and Cactus Cloth.

2. Workout? Wash off! Never keep sweaty clothes on your skin for long after you exercise. Wet clothes can irritate skin, so showering is a must. And always wear clean workout clothes (or any clothes for that matter) as dirt and sweat can further aggravate acne. (Speaking of washing things, don’t forget to wash your sheets! Dirty sheets can contribute to back acne.) You should also avoid wearing workout clothing that is too tight, as it can rub and irritate skin.

3. See your skin care professional. She knows that the skin on your back is thicker than the skin on your face, and she knows how to treat it. She’ll customize an Acne Clearing System Treatment as a “back facial” – including a deep cleansing, exfoliation and medicated mask that contains enzymes, antioxidants, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory ingredients. Schedule this effective back acne treatment to keep your skin clear and smooth – all summer long. Find a spa near you.

Have you ever dealt with back acne? Or any type of body acne? Let us know in the comments!


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Comments (6)

amd says:
May 26, 2011

i am an esthetician who suffers from minor acne on my face, which I treat and it waxes and wanes. I follow all of the above steps to clear breakouts on my back but nothing works. I exfoliate, wash before and after conditioning my hair and extract what i can reach, and use acne spot treatments also on what i can reach. nothing seems to work. it makes me feel like a failure as an esthetician. i can treat others successfully but not myself. any suggestions??

Teresa Stenzel
Teresa Stenzel says:
May 26, 2011

To amd: If you haven’t already done so, try converting our Acne Clearing System Facial into a back facial and try that weekly for 4-6 weeks to see if that helps, since regular back facials are designed to help keep the back properly cleansed, exfoliated and control problem breakouts. If that doesn’t work, I’m wondering if there’s an allergy or other skin disorder that you are unaware of? The disease of acne can occur anywhere on the face or body, but is very common on the trunk and back. If it is truly acne, than it has to be recognized as a more serious condition than simple blemishes and breakouts that can occur from the reasons mentioned in the blog above. There are also other disorders that can manifest themselves as breakouts- hormonal imbalances, for example. It’s an unfortunate fact that even an esthetician that does all of the right things (like yourself), can come across a situation that needs intervention by a dermatologist. If the Acne Clearing Back Facial doesn’t help you, perhaps at that time you should have a dermatologist take a look at your back, since it might be a systemic issue that cannot be treated topically.

Kelly in NYC says:
May 26, 2011

I’m guilty of hanging around in my workout clothes for way too long. Going to change that habit!

Tonya Tweter says:
Oct 23, 2011

I am a practicing Esthetician as well as a Pharmacy Technician. Therefore, when i work with a client that has acne i try different approaches depending upon the grade of acne. If a client has the occasional breakout i find that facials & extractions usually work well. If the client has ongoing acne with papules/pustules and deep cysts i will usually recommend that they see a dermatologist and ask to be put on a medication such as minocin or doxycycline, as long as they are not allergic, or on any other med that would cause an interaction and continue a good at home skin care regimen, as well as contine facials with their skin care specialist. More often than not, this protocol works.

ggw says:
Jan 30, 2013

Great post. Backne is a very challenging problem for many people.

Niel Roos says:
Jan 31, 2013

It’s definitely a good idea to start a detoxing regimen as well. There are a couple of ways to do this. An “apple fast” is a good option because apples contain a high level of anti-oxidants. This will make sure you cleanse on the inside as well. We tend to think that all skin-related issues are related to our “outer-care”.

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