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An Acne Treatment How To – Acne Dos


Acne Clearing System

Are you always searching for the best products for your acne prone skin? The top acne cleansers, the most potent acne ingredients? Last week we talked to you about what not to do for acne – the Acne Don’ts. Now, we’re sharing our easy Acne Dos:


Rely on a consistent at-home acne skin care agenda for visible results. You should start to see results after at least 6-8 weeks.

Use a professional-strength acne product system that’s designed to work together, 24 hours a day. Bioelements products for acne are formulated with the highest effective levels of FDA-approved salicylic acid and sulfur, plus plant extracts, 100% pure essential oils and antioxidants.

Use Spotless Cleanser – a 2% salicylic acid acne cleanser that clears and heals acne – without overdrying or stripping.

Follow with Active Astringent acne treatment  – with 0.5% salicylic acid to hydrate, clear and eliminate excess oil.

Use Amino Mask – a 5% sulfur acne treatment mask with lactic acid to treat acne breakouts and allow the skin to heal. It can be used up to twice a week as needed.

Get a professional Acne Clearing Facial. The combination of at-home care coupled with professional acne services is a ‘one-two punch’ on acne, and will clear your skin faster.

Are you currently dealing with acne? Ask us any questions in the comments below!


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Comments (12)

Katie says:
Aug 15, 2012

Please clarify the difference between the Very Oily product line and the Acne Product line. Thank you

    Barbara Salomone says:
    Aug 16, 2012

    Hi Katie – Not all people with Oily or Very Oily skin experience acne breakouts or the visible irritation and redness that those with an Acne skin type can experience. Very oily skin typically experiences excess oil soon after cleaning, and may see large pores. Therefore, the products for Very Oily skin are designed to target pores, balance skin’s water-to-oil levels and keep shine in-check. Of course, Very Oily skin may still experience the occasion breakout now and then – that’s why you’ll see our Breakout Control included there.

holly says:
Aug 17, 2012

i have combination skin and have broken out since eighth grade. i am now 28, dealing with both cystic acne and little tiny white bumps that never seem to go away. for the last few months i have been using murad, with little improvement. i have used almost every product on the market, both drug store types and more expensive products. the derm prescribed me some cream but that made my face really freak out. if you have any advice for me i would love to hear it. im not so worried about my looks anymore as much as i am frustrated with the pain that the large cysts cause me. thank you!

    Barbara Salomone says:
    Aug 20, 2012

    Hi Holly – I am so sorry that you are having such trouble with your skin! However, I need to stress that since you are currently under a doctor’s care, you need to know that cystic acne is a type of acne that needs to be treated by a dermatologist, not an esthetician, as the infection is systemic and usually needs medical intervention to deal with the problem internally as well as topically to get it under control. I would go back to the dermatologist and tell him/her that the cream recommended is not agreeing with your skin – there may be something else that can be prescribed for you. There will be a solution – you need to communicate with your doctor to find the medication/prescription that is right for you. Once it’s under control, then, with your physician’s permission, an esthetician can treat your skin in the facial room and at home with products that will help continune to keep your acne under control and soothe your skin. Best wishes for your success – hang in there – just stick it out and give the doctor’s recommendations time to work.

Teresa says:
Aug 18, 2012

I have to add one more reason to have the Bioelements Acne Clearing System on hand. I am prone to acne, but now it’s under control and I don’t need it all of the time. However, I am taking a medication and noticed that I’m now breaking out again. Pulling out my Spotless Cleanser, Active Astringent, Pore Rescue Acne Gel and Amino Mask to use until my skin is back under control. It’s amazing what meds can do to your skin…

amanda says:
Aug 21, 2012

Do you need anything else if you use this line? like a moisturizer to go with it??

    Barbara Salomone says:
    Aug 21, 2012

    Hi Amanda – Every skin is different, and anyone with acne has special needs based on their acne and their skin type. Since Pore Rescue Acne Gel is an acne treatment and not a moisturizer, you may choose to wear a light moisturizer on top. I recommend one of our moisturizing broad spectrum sunscreens – Sun Diffusing Protector or RayDefense SPF30 during the day, and either Oil Control Sleepwear, Beyond Hydration, Oxygenation or even Lutein Indoor Protective Day Creme at night.

    Extra Help products that may be recommended: Breakout Control, Stress Solution, Advanced VitaMineral C Complex, Probiotic Anti-Aging Serum. Again, based on the individual’s needs and the ‘symptoms’ of irritation, etc. that their skin might have due to their acne.

Jane Simonds says:
Aug 28, 2012

What do you suggest for a moisturizer for a 40 plus clt.?

    Barbara Salomone says:
    Aug 29, 2012

    Hi Jane, can you elaborate a bit on this client’s skin so I can give you a professional recommendation? What is her skin type? What skin concerns does she have and what do you see when you look at her skin? Thanks.

Leen says:
Jan 9, 2013

Hi – i have a teenage daughter that has been dealing with moderate acne for about a year or so. We have tried every over the counter product, but nothing seems to be working very well. Those that did help a little severely dried out her skin. I began seeing an esthetician who is doing monthly acne facials and started her on the bio elements acne regime approximately 3.5 weeks ago. I am seeing a tiny bit of improvement, but I was hoping for more results by now. My question is how long does it take before we will see results and know if this is the right treatment option for her. Thank you!

Leen says:
Jan 9, 2013

P.S. She is age 13 so I know a lot of this is internal but I am hoping we can still get control of it, despite her age and it being hormonal related. Thanks again!

Heidi says:
Jul 13, 2015

I am a licensed esthetician and was always told not to microderm acne skin. Has this changed somewhere along the line? I use an ultrasound to help my product penetrate the skin deeper. After skin is clear then I can use my microdermabration machine, right?

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