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Clients worried about age spots, discoloration and signs of past acne?

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Professional Brightening Kit

Skin care professionals: With Fall here, clients are facing with a new set of skin concerns. But more than just dehydration, they might be experiencing a problem that can be years in the making: hyperpigmentation. Whether it’s hormonally triggered, prompted by injury, or a side effect of sunburns past, another summer in the sun can bring out the worst in skin that already experiences excess melanin production, making dark spots even more pronounced. Address these concerns both in and out of the treatment room with a brand new Depigmenting and Brightening Facial and scientifically proven lightening system from Bioelements.

Pigmentation Nation: New Solutions for Dark Spots & UV Damage is one of our newest classes for pros that introduces the latest in depigmentation breakthroughs (find a class near you here). Learn all about the causes of melanin formation, and how the scientifically-proven trio of ingredients in the new Bioelements LightPlex GigaWatt Dark Spot Corrector and LightPlex MegaWatt Skin Brightener work better than hydroquinone – but with zero side effects. You’ll also get to watch a demonstration of our Depigmenting and Brightening Facial that incorporates a professional size LightPlex GigaWatt Dark Spot Corrector so clients can get all-over results from the formula with more-than-max levels of skin brightening ingredients.

As with any skin problem your client encounters, treatment doesn’t end once they leave the spa. Give them everything they need to battle their post-summer skin concerns – and take advantage of our professional LightPlex MegaWatt and GigaWatt introductory offer that includes all of the necessities for helping clients see results both in the spa and at home. Complete with LightPlex MegaWatt Skin Brighteners, take-home and pro-use sizes of LightPlex GigaWatt Dark Spot Corrector, Brilliantly Brighter and Made to Fade duos – the kits that combine correction and protection with Bioelements LightPlex products and a travel size RayDefense, plus product display card with brochures, this offer supplies everything you and your client will need to watch dark spots disappear.

And don’t forget about the scientifically tested results*! After just 2 weeks with MegaWatt Skin Brightener, 99% say it improves overall skin tone, brightens skin tone, and boosts skin radiance. After 2 weeks with GigaWatt Dark Spot Corrector, 98% say age spots appear less visible, 97% say it minimizes intensity of dark spots, and 96% say it improves the appearance of sum damage.

Ready to tackle your client’s fall skin concerns head-on? Visit for professional offers, and Pigmentation Nation class dates and locations.

*Scientific results based on a 100-woman consumer perception study.


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Comments (5)

Marcia Anderson says:
Dec 13, 2013

I would like to treat a client with this facial for post acne scarring. She is using the Acne clearing system for home use and occasionaly has lactic peels. Could she also use the dark spot corrector and brightner for home use with her non sensitive skin?

teresa says:
Dec 13, 2013

Hi Marcia- You absolutely can use this facial and the LightPlex GigaWatt and MegaWatt products to help any client that has P.I.H. due to past acne blemishes. I would have her spot-treat acne PIH with the GigaWatt directly on the area affected- I would avoid any active breakouts, and just focus on the PIH areas. If she has these scars on larger areas of her face, she can then layer the LightPlex MegaWatt over the entire area- again, avoiding any active breakouts. I think this in combination with a series of these facials- (you can offer them once a week) will really work wonders for your client! Very important to ensure she is wearing a Bioelements sunscreen every day as well- UV exposure makes PIH scars much worse and can create a darker, more permanent scar.

Jimmy Anderson says:
Jan 16, 2014

No affiliation with the above mentioned Marcia Anderson, lol.

I wanted to ask you, can we recommend LightPlex GigaWatt and MegaWatt products to clients during pregnancy?


teresa says:
Jan 16, 2014

Hi Jimmy, Although as an esthetician very familiar with these formulas I don’t think there is anything that would be unsafe for a pregnant woman, I do know that every pregnancy is different, just like every skin is different. During pregnancy the skin often can become can become much more sensitive to touch, product, lights and ingredients, so for this reason, I suggest you defer to her doctor and let the physician decide if these products are appropriate for this particular client, while pregnant. To make this easier, we have complete ingredients disclosure of every product on our web site and on our retail packaging, so just have the client check this out with her physician before a purchase is made or a particular product in question is applied to the skin. I would also ensure this client purchase a Bioelements broad spectrum Bioelements Sunscreen of SPF30 or higher along with the LightPlex products (or even if they don’t). 🙂

Jimmy Anderson says:
Jan 16, 2014

Was generally thinking the same, but no harm in asking right 😉

Thanks for the fast response, by the way!

All the best,

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