What Is My Skin Type?

Your skin is Combination if:

  • Your t-zone gets moderately oily a few hours after cleansing
  • Your skin feels dehydrated at times
  • You have visible pores in the t-zone
  • You experience some clogged pores (blackheads)
  • Occasional breakouts are somewhat common

Essential Products for Combination

Combination skin looks its best when you use all the right daily essentials. Choose our Starter Kit for Combination Skin for the full size products you need every day – a $137 value + a FREE Measured Micrograins. You’ll save $38 off the individual product price!

  • Complete Starter Kit
    1. CLEANSE with Flash Foam Cleanser: Cleanse the skin AM and PM. 2: TONE with Equalizer: Spritz on skin after cleansing. 3. EXFOLIATE with Measured Micrograins: Use one to three times a week. Apply to wet skin avoiding eye area, and gently massage. Rinse. 4. MOISTURIZE with Absolute Moisture: Apply to face and neck after every AM and Equalizer (or directly after Measured Micrograins on days when you exfoliate).
    Starter Kit for Combination Skin - get Great Skin in a Box
    Out of Stock
    The daily essentials for Combination skin - a $137 value with a FREE full size Measured Micrograins inside
    For skin that is: Combination
  • Cleanser
    Apply 1-2 pumps to wet skin and massage over face and neck. Rinse.
    Flash Foam Cleanser
    Advanced enzyme cleanser that gently exfoliates skin
    For skin that is: Combination
  • Toner
    After cleansing, close eyes and spritz all over the face, neck and v-area. Gently massage into skin leaving it slightly moist. Immediately apply the next Bioelements product.
    Alcohol-free toner infused with soothing plant extracts
  • Oil Control Mattifier
    Apply a thin layer over entire face, or apply just to oily areas. Follow with a Bioelements moisturizer or sunscreen.
    Oil Control Mattifier
    Lightweight oil control mattifier to target breakthrough shine.
    For skin that is: Combination, Oily/Very Oily
  • Moisturizer
    Apply to entire face and neck, day or night.
    Absolute Moisture
    Self-adjusting hydrator to smooth and moisturize skin.
    For skin that is: Combination
  • Exfoliator
    To use as a scrub: Apply to moist skin and gently massage. Rinse off with water. Avoid getting into eyes.
    Measured Micrograins
    Out of Stock
    Facial exfoliator with extremely fine microgranules
  • Travel Kit
    Contains travel sizes specifically for Combination skin. Directions for each product can be found on the box.
    Travel Light Kit for Combination skin
    Flight-friendy travel essentials for Combination skin.
    For skin that is: Combination
  • Hydrating Mask
    Apply over entire face and neck. Leave on for 10 minutes. Wipe off with a damp cloth and immediately apply a Bioelements Moisturizer.
    Gel Therapy
    Hydrating gel mask
  • Facial Brush
    Remove makeup and apply cleanser to wet skin. Wet Cleansing Massage Facial Brush and massage cleanser into skin with small circular motions using gentle pressure. Rinse with warm water. Use Facial Brush 1-3 times a week.
    Cleansing Massage Facial Brush
    Gentle exfoliating facial brush