Our Commitments

Responsible Packaging

Smart choices – we’ve made them since day one. From the moment we launched our very first product, our goal was quality and effectiveness above all else. And we realized that this goal went beyond using scientifically advanced ingredients – we needed to choose eco-friendly packaging that helped maintain and enhance product performance as well.

It turns out that we were way ahead of the curve. From our recyclable skin care packaging to earth-friendly ink and paper, Bioelements packaging helps deliver optimum product performance while positively impacting the earth. And just as our cosmetic scientists continue to seek out the latest high-tech ingredients for our formulas, we will also continue to evolve with the latest responsible packaging advancements.

Glass Skin Care Packaging

Not only does glass help maintain the integrity of our products, but it is also 100% recyclable.

Why Glass?

Did you know?
Over 80% of Bioelements products are packaged in eco-friendly glass. The other 20% are packaged in materials that are necessary for specific product performance and stability.

Responsible Formulas

Our products are paraben-free, and we never use artificial colorants or synthetic frangrances in our formulas. Bioelements products are also never tested on animals.

Vegetable / Soy-based ink

In our efforts to maintain a high standard of environmentally responsible printing, Bioelements box packaging and support materials are printed with vegetable/soy-based inks.

These special inks are an environmentally friendly, and safe approach to printing that takes only a small amount of energy to make. In comparison to petroleum-based inks, vegetable/soy-based release low VOCs (volatile organic compounds) into the air. And since they are derived from nature, they are a completely renewable resource.   

Eco-friendly paper

Bioelements chooses to work with vendors that are FSC-accredited for all packaging needs. The FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) is an international organization committed to finding solutions that promote responsible forestry practices. In order to receive this top accreditation, a company must meet the highest criteria of sustainable consumption, including proving that they use responsible tactics in choosing trees, and employing proper storage and handling practices. It’s just another way we dedicate ourselves to conservational practices.

Did you know?
Paper products take up a whopping 40% of the space in landfills. Bioelements uses packaging paper that is 100% recyclable.
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