Dull Skin

Why do I have dull skin?

Dull skin is skin that has a drab, sallow appearance, or a lack of healthy color. It can often feel rough, due to a build up of dead skin cells, milia and poor circulation. Skin becomes dull due to UV damage, dehydration, aging and sluggishness. 

Why do I have dull skin?

Treat dull skin: Opt for exfoliation and treatment masks

Dull, lifeless skin needs to be “revved up” to boost microcirculation and cell turnover. Exfoliation and active mask treatments are an ideal way to transform dull skin back into bright, healthy and radiant skin. 

Try a physical exfoliant scrub like Measured Micrograins or Pumice Peel, or an AHA chemical exfoliator like Quick Refiner to uncover smoother, more revitalized skin. Then add a mask treatment like Kerafole to purge skin’s impurities and reveal new radiance, or Restorative Clay to instantly improve skin’s texture. 
Treat dull skin: Opt for exfoliation and treatment masks

Treat dull skin:Infuse with hydration and oxygen

Dull skin is thirsty skin. Give it the drink it needs with intense hydrators, and infuse it with essential oxygen to hit skin’s “refresh” button. 

For hydration: Gel Therapy mask is like Gatorade for your skin – it will quench thirst in just 10 minutes; add a pump of hyaluronic acid-rich Moisture x10® to bind water to the skin and soften it.

For needed oxygen: Oxygenation® will infuse skin with stabilized hydrogen peroxide to revitalize dull, sluggish, sleepy skin.

Treat dull skin: Infuse with hydration and oxygen

Treat dull skin:
Give yourself a facial

The pros know how to transform dull, sluggish skin with a spa facial – so why not try an at-home facial inspired by professional treatments?

Bioelements Triple-Action, Rapid-Resurfacing Facial Kit reveals fresh, new skin with physical and chemical exfoliation; the Age-Fighting, Deep-Cleansing Facial Kit rapidly revives dullness and boosts tone.

Treat dull skin: Give yourself a facial

Treat dull skin:
Brighten and lighten up!

Dull skin’s lack of healthy color can show up in the form of all-over discoloration and sallowness, or even isolated dark spots.

LightPlex® MegaWatt Skin Brightener will even overall tone and brighten for luminous, hydrated skin; LightPlex® GigaWatt Dark Spot Corrector will obliterates stubborn, isolated age spots, discoloration, UV damage, and signs of past acne. Both have scientifically tested results in just 2 weeks.

Treat dull skin: Brighten and lighten up!

Treat dull skin:
Get some sleep

Your skin has a natural nighttime renewal process – when it repairs itself from the day’s damage from exposure to environmental aggressors such as UV rays, smog, nicotine, etc., and rejuvenates itself for the next day.  

It’s vital to take advantage of this time with active Overnight Age Activists® – like Sleepwear®, Oil Control Sleepwear®, Sleepwear® for Eyes and Sleepwear® for Hands – these dream team formulas will work to smooth, replenish and energize overnight – so you’ll wake up to younger-looking skin.

Treat dull skin: Get some sleep