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The celebrity secret to
a show-off worthy body.

Dry brushing renews texture, 
smoothes skin and sweeps
away dullness for a neck-to-toe

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  • Body Smoothing Kit
    1. Before you step into the shower, shed dry cells and renew texture by gently brushing entire body from neck to toes. Never get brush wet! 2. Cleanse with Comfortably Clean. 3. Apply Extremely Emollient to damp skin immediately after your shower or bath.
    Bioelements Dry Brush Smoothing System
    Receive a FREE Bioelements Body Brush - a $20 value
  • Body Creme
    Apply to entire body immediately after shower or bath.
    Vitalization Body Creme
    Rich intensity body creme
  • Anti-Aging Neck Creme
    Using upward strokes, apply on v-area of chest and neck. Apply daily.
    V-Neck Smoothing Creme
    Fueled with anti-agers to repair skin chin-to-chest
  • Body Cleanser
    Use in the shower from neck to toes. For best results, apply a small amount on a wet shower puff or sponge to create a frothy foam.
    Vitalization Body Cleanser
    Rich intensity body cleanser
  • Use once a week to sweep away dry flakes and smooth skin.
    Cactus Cloth
    100% natural cactus fibers woven into an exfoliating cloth
  • Daily Body Moisturizer
    Apply to entire body immediately after a shower or bath.
    Extremely Emollient Daily Body Moisturizer
    Daily Body Moisturizer with 100% Pure Essential Oils
  • Dry Brush
    Bioelements Professional Dry Brush
    The pro secret for neck-to-toe body exfoliation – the same brush used in spa body treatments!
  • Shower Gel
    Use in the shower from neck to toes. Follow with a layer of Extremely Emollient.
    Comfortably Clean Daily Shower Gel
    Daily Body Shower Gel with 100% Pure Essential Oils
  • Anti-Aging Hand Creme
    Apply a small amount to the tops of the hands, and massage in with fingertips. Use every night just before bedtime.
    Sleepwear for Hands
    Overnight age activist hand treatment creme