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Unnecessary Skin Care and Beauty Products: Tinted Moisturizer

Has the heat wave hit you yet? This summer’s been hot hot HOT, and we’d bet many of you are opting to lighten up your makeup routine with a more sheer look. A tinted moisture is an obvious choice for many people – but the truth is, buying one is absolutely unnecessary. Here’s why: Tinted […]


Unnecessary Skin Care and Beauty Products: Blemish Extractors

This is my third installment writing about skin care products you don’t need, and I have to say, this one pains me the most. As a skin care professional for 30+ years, I know there’s nothing that can permanently harm your skin more that trying to perform your own extractions at home. And using a […]


Unnecessary Skin Care and Beauty Products: 24-hour Mascara

It’s great to know what the best products are to keep your skin looking great, but what about the products that are unnecessary – the ones that do more harm than good? Last week we told you our thoughts on BB creams – the Snuggies of skin care. This week, We’d like to talk about a product category […]


Unnecessary Skin Care Products: BB Creme – the ‘Snuggie’ of Skin Care

As skin care professionals, people always ask us to recommend the best products. But we thought it might be time to tell you about the skin care products you DON’T need. Starting this week, we’re sharing our top list of unnecessary skin care products. First up is BB creme – the latest fad to hit the skin care […]