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How a skin care professional gets skin cancer – Part 1

Sun damage and skin cancer don’t discriminate. It doesn’t care what your age, sex or race is, and it doesn’t care what you do for a living. One of Bioelements most popular and knowledgeable skin care professionals, Deanna Vaughn, was diagnosed with the disease back in 2005. We asked if she could tell us her […]


AbFab is back to talk about wrinkles

Did you love Absolutely Fabulous – the hilarious British show about the Harvey Nichols-shopping, Stoli-drinking lives of Edina and her best friend Pasty as much as I did? Well you’re in luck, sweetie darling – Entertainment Weekly just announced that the gals are reuniting for 3 new episodes to air on BBC America and LOGO […]


Squinting, eye wrinkles, and your plan of action

How are you reading this? On a computer? Or a tablet – like an iPad? Are you reading it on a smart phone – like a Blackberry, or an iPhone? Is it sunny outside? Have you spent the entire day in front of a computer, or switching your gaze from computer to TV to text […]


Barbara’s mythbusting: the sun hermit

After years in the skin care industry – creating products, developing treatments, and educating professionals from coast to coast, I’ve heard my fair share of skin care myths, lies, and old wives tales. So, I figured it’s time to bust the myths, correct the lies, and shed light on the some of crazy things I’ve […]


A burning issue

Watching yet another heartbreaking news story on the gulf oil spill, I couldn’t help but notice that many of the TV correspondents had sunburns. It reminded me that even in this age of enlightenment about sun exposure, people make common mistakes that have devastating effects on their skin. “It’s a high SPF. I don’t need […]


Daily means everyday!

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard someone say “I always put on my broad spectrum sunscreen when I play golf” (I live in Palm Springs where there are 80+ golf courses) or “I always wear sunscreen in the summer.” Each time I am amazed that in this day and age, with all […]