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The aging hands answer: Fight age spots and dry skin on hands overnight

Aging hands seem to appear out of nowhere. You think you’re taking care of your skin – you cleanse your face with the right products, you use the best anti-aging serums, you apply a broad spectrum sunscreen daily. But suddenly, without warning, a couple of age spots appear on your hands. Then, your hands get […]


The sleep and skin connection: How to find the best night skin cream

Not all night skin creams are created equal. So how do you find the best one? The key is to recognize the connection between sleep and skin. While you may be fast asleep at night, your skin is hard at work – repairing from the day’s damage. Very specific changes in the skin happen when […]


From Concern to Countertop: Firmness

It’s the second installment in our Concern to Countertop series, where we examine a specific skin concern many of you face – like breakouts, sensitivity, or redness – and give you the remedy recommended straight from the professionals. Let’s get started: Are you worried about a loss of firmness? Are you seeing sagging in the skin […]


The digital skin care mail bag: Oily Skin Facials, Anti-Aging for Sensitive Skin, & AHAs

It’s time once again to open up the skin care mail bag and take a closer look at some of the great questions our team of skin care professionals have received recently from the SkinReading blog, our Bioelements Facebook and Twitter pages, the skin care professionals we teach from coast-to-coast, and even people who stop us on the […]


The all-nighter

As the clocks turned back an hour last Sunday morning for Daylight Saving, I wasn’t thinking about the extra hour of sleep I was getting (although it’s better than losing an hour). I was thinking about my skin. Confession: I’m pretty much always thinking about skin. I can’t help it. But that extra hour made […]


I’ve got a secret

Almost everyone has a favorite beauty secret. Something they do that’s out of the ordinary but effective. I’ve collected scads of “secrets” from top makeup artists and estheticians over the years that I constantly use. For example, I apply my makeup looking into an 8x magnifying mirror (very scary) which forces me to blend every […]