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Skin Care Tips: The Facial Cleanser Domino Effect

Ever ask yourself, “What is my skin type?” Did you know you can confuse your skin into thinking it’s a different skin type? It happens when you use the wrong facial cleanser. That’s why one of our favorite skin care tips is also the easiest: Use the right cleanser! It’s an easy tip to follow, but […]


The digital skin care mail bag: Oily Skin Facials, Anti-Aging for Sensitive Skin, & AHAs

It’s time once again to open up the skin care mail bag and take a closer look at some of the great questions our team of skin care professionals have received recently from the SkinReading blog, our Bioelements Facebook and Twitter pages, the skin care professionals we teach from coast-to-coast, and even people who stop us on the […]


5 Steps To Stress-Free Holiday Skin

We’ve been busy crossing names off our shopping lists this week. Running around town from store to store, and hopping online to order what we can. Then there’s holiday parties, gift wrapping, and family to see – all on top of a regular workweek. Can we get an extra week to fit all this in? We know many of […]


“All She Used Was Soap!”

We’ve all heard the story. A friend of a friend, or a celebrity’s mom, or a co-worker’s grandmother who “had the most beautiful, smooth, porcelain, wrinkle-free skin” in all the world. “AND THE ONLY PRODUCT SHE EVER USED WAS A BAR OF SOAP. THAT’S IT!” Now, depending on the story, there may be a brand […]


5 Bad Beauty Tips From the Past

Last week, we posted this question on our Facebook page: Share your beauty tips from the past! What tip did you hear when you were young (from your mom, a friend, or from anywhere) that you later realized was not true?


Squinting, eye wrinkles, and your plan of action

How are you reading this? On a computer? Or a tablet – like an iPad? Are you reading it on a smart phone – like a Blackberry, or an iPhone? Is it sunny outside? Have you spent the entire day in front of a computer, or switching your gaze from computer to TV to text […]


Does your skin care know it’s spring?

I often tease people about how “rough” it is to work out of Palm Springs, CA. This past winter, when talking to colleagues in snowy Chicago, or Learning Coaches in the rainy, gray Northwest, sometimes I just couldn’t help myself. “12 inches of snow and 10 degrees? Well, it’s bad in Palm Springs, too –  […]


3 lies you tell your skin

Are you lying to your skin? Take a look at some common lies below – from little ones you tell yourself to save some time in the morning, to big ones you tell yourself that could entirely change the way your skin ages. Time to fess up! LIE #3 “I can get by without much […]


Double-Duty Skin Care

Don’t you love it when you get double – or triple – duty out of something? You know, those times when you realize “A-ha! We can also use this product like this!” Sometimes products have what we call “alt-uses” – alternative benefits for the skin that may not necessarily be printed on the packaging. Below […]


You only get one face.

We’re so quick to buy disposable “stuff” in our lives – like the pair of designer shoes that you hobbled around in only once because they hurt your feet, or that sweater you forgot about as soon as you passed another sale, or the dress you swore you’d wear as soon as you lost 5 […]