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What your skin care routine says about you (and your skin)

You can tell a lot about a person by the way they take care of their skin. From the skin care product minimalist to the shopaholic who’ll try a new product weekly, your skin care routine will have a great effect not only on your skin today, but for years to come. “I only use […]


“How Long Will My Facial Results Last?”

The facial is over. Your skin has received a deep cleansing, a thorough professional strength peel, and (if it’s a Bioelements facial) a Custom Blended Massage, Power Treatment and Mask that’s designed to target your skin’s exact needs and concerns.  Your complexion is clear, glowing, radiant and younger-looking. Lucky you! So of course you’d want […]


The pro secret to applying products

We all know how important it is to use the right products to keep your skin clear, healthy and younger-looking. But what skin care professionals know is that it’s just as important to use products in the right order, to ensure your skin receives the best penetration of key ingredients.


Skin care for seasonal allergies & sensitivities

I just got back from a few wonderful days in New York City. Central Park is always a great visit, but I have a feeling that this time of year it brings out the worst in people – I’m talking about allergies. The fresh-cut grass, the weeds and pollen of spring affects the respiratory system […]


The ‘Get Great Skin Series” – Part 1: Meet your skin

I think it’s time to take a deeper look into what it takes to get the skin you want. So I’m starting a 3-part series on how to Get Great Skin. From skin physiology to the source of ingredients…I’m pulling back the curtain on skin care (and who knows what else!). But before we get […]


MythBusting: DIY skin care

Once again, it’s time to bust some skin care myths, correct a few old wives tales and shed needed light on some common and some not-so-common silly ideas about our skin and how to treat it. This week, we’d like to talk to you about DIY skin care. That’s “Do It Yourself” skin care. You […]


The all-nighter

As the clocks turned back an hour last Sunday morning for Daylight Saving, I wasn’t thinking about the extra hour of sleep I was getting (although it’s better than losing an hour). I was thinking about my skin. Confession: I’m pretty much always thinking about skin. I can’t help it. But that extra hour made […]


Do you dare share your personal care

I must own a dozen bottles of half-used perfume (eau de toilette, actually) purchased over the last few years on impulse. What happens is that I absolutely love the scent in the store, then detest it within a few months. Sure, the bottles look good in my bathroom, perched on a glass serving tray repurposed […]


How deep is deep?

Are skin care products able to penetrate into the bloodstream? Do they stay lodged inside the body? Do we urinate out the chemicals and extracts they contain? We are not talking about topical prescription medications, pharmaceutical dermal patches or over-the-counter drugs here. We’re talking about cleansers, moisturizers, skin serums, exfoliators and other products that do […]