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“How Long Will My Facial Results Last?”

The facial is over. Your skin has received a deep cleansing, a thorough professional strength peel, and (if it’s a Bioelements facial) a Custom Blended Massage, Power Treatment and Mask that’s designed to target your skin’s exact needs and concerns.  Your complexion is clear, glowing, radiant and younger-looking. Lucky you! So of course you’d want […]


The Digital Skin Care Mail Bag: Milia, Benzoyl Peroxide & Mustache Irritation

I thought it would be a great time to open up the skin care mail bag and take a closer look at some of the great questions my team of expert estheticians and I have received recently from the SkinReading blog, our Bioelements Facebook and Twitter pages, and even people who stop me on the street! You’ve got questions… we’ve got answers:


What makes a spa facial the best facial?

We’re going to let you in on a secret, so listen up. There are thousands of facials out there. There are “Power Rejuvenation” facials and “Luxury Glow” facials and “Super Vitamin” facials and “Indulge Yourself” facials. They all sound wonderful, right? But what exactly do they do? And, more importantly, how on Earth do you pick […]


The ‘Get Great Skin Series’ – Part 2: Applying Products – Less Is More!

It’s time for part 2 of our ‘Get Great Skin’ series. Last week we took a closer look at the structure of skin, so we could help it function at its best. But before we can begin to talk about skin care products, let’s talk about the right amount of product you should apply. “But […]


You only get one face.

We’re so quick to buy disposable “stuff” in our lives – like the pair of designer shoes that you hobbled around in only once because they hurt your feet, or that sweater you forgot about as soon as you passed another sale, or the dress you swore you’d wear as soon as you lost 5 […]


A look inside the digital skin care mailbag…

Sometimes we feel like we run our own skin care Jeopardy! game show every day. Between our SkinReading blog and our Bioelements Facebook and Twitter pages, we answer some great questions from professionals, students and consumers (without the annoying do do do do Jeopardy! music). Let’s take a look inside the SkinReading digital mailbag… Q: “Can you […]


Speak up before your next facial

Want to get the most out of your next facial? Then start talking to your esthetician before your treatment! Now, I’m not talking about dishing on how Brad is leaving Angelina for Snooki… you need to talk about you – your skin, your concerns and your lifestyle. You may call it TMI, but I call […]


How to pop a pimple

Did I get your attention? To be honest, the actual title of this post was going to be “How to Pop a Pimple – and Ruin Your Skin in the Process.” I’m sure you’ve heard over and over how you should never ever squeeze or pop pimples on your face. And it’s true! The process […]


In search of the perfect tee

Now that the weather is really getting hot here in the desert, I am starting my annual search for the perfect tee shirt. Not too long or short, not too tight and stretchy but not too boxy either. It must be made of mostly cotton and free of shimmer, doo-dads and messages. It can’t be a thin, semi-see-through tissue fabric but it must be lightweight. Whew! This is worse than trying to find a swimsuit!

It’s great that finding the right skin care is so much easier. Just call a salon or spa and ask for a few minutes with the esthetician. Almost every establishment offers a free consultation or as we call it at Bioelements – a SkinReading®. If you can’t find a spa in your area go to our Spa Locator.