4 Skin care secrets for a head-to-toe date night glow
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4 Skin care secrets for a head-to-toe date night glow

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Posted: 02/12/2014 Skin Care Routines in Skin Care Tips


With so much to think about before a big date, your skin might be the last thing on your mind. In reality, great skin is the foundation to the perfect outfit, flawless makeup, and a date-night glow. Here are my 4 little secrets that can give your skin a gorgeous glow right before a date.

1.  Shed before you suds.

The first secret to date night prep begins before you even set foot in the shower. Remove dead, dull skin cells to rev up circulation and reveal smoother, softer skin with the tool skin care professionals use in the treatment room: a dry brush. Here’s how to use it: Brush your entire body from neck to toes to make sure every inch of skin is energized – it’s also a great way to prepare for the perfect self-tan! Follow up with a hydrating body cleanser and an emollient body creme to make sure you’re ready-to-glow in your date-night outfit. Wondering what to do from the neck up?

2. Book a facial.

For the skin that dry brushing can’t boost, book some time at the spa. Professional facial massage and exfoliation stimulates circulation to firm and tone skin, as well as flush toxins – not to mention the mental relaxation it provides can ease any pre-date jitters! Forgot to book one and your date is in just a few hours? Steal 15 minutes while you polish your toes and do an at home facial kit. I love the immediate wrinkle-targeting results of an exfoliating facial – my skin is left bright, rough texture disappears, and makeup blends in smoothly.

3.  Tone things up – no gym required!

Romantic occasions can mean lower necklines, so make sure you’re prepared with the right skin care! Post-shower, spritz a peptide-laced toner from forehead to v-area. The anti-aging peptides will renew skin, boost moisture, and refine skin tone, allowing it to absorb more of the good-for-you ingredients from any products that follow. While your skin is primed for a power problem-solver, apply a smoothing cream that specifically targets the texture and appearance of fine lines and sun damage on the neck and v-area of the chest so skin looks flawless in whatever you wear. For your face, follow with your normal moisturizer.

4. Prime for perfection.

The last secret to skin care prep is priming. With renewed radiance and hydration, your skin is ready for a moisture-sealing serum that will not only smooth skin’s texture, but act as a makeup primer, allowing it to apply evenly and last through the night.

Comment below and tell us:

What’s your favorite way to prep before a date?

  1. Spa facial
  2. Massage
  3. Manicure or pedicure (or both!)
  4. Prep at home

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Bioelements Director of Education Teresa Stenzel has been a member of the Bioelements esthetics team since 1993. With a key role in the company’s integration of new professional products, she helps develop new facial and body treatment techniques, as well as new curriculum for Bioelements, ensuring skin care professionals receive the education they need to deliver the best skin care recommendations and professional treatments from coast to coast.

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Comments (98)

Cynthia says:
Feb 13, 2014

I like to give myself a facial. Also, I love your Rich Moisturizer!

crystal shue says:
Feb 13, 2014

I go to the spa for a relaxing day to get ready…

Carole Jung says:
Feb 13, 2014

I do #4, cheaper and easier!

Kristin Dillingham says:
Feb 13, 2014

I would choose 3, getting a mani/pedi!

Kelly Shepard says:
Feb 13, 2014

I usually do a mani/pedi at home and prepare at home. If it’s a big date, then I use Kerafole for the 7 days prior and the pumice peel the day of. My favorite product right now is Lightplex and have been using that for about 4-5 weeks straight, twice a day. It is making my skin look and feel amazing. Everyday with the Lightplex, it feels like day 7 of the Kerafole. LOVE it!!!!!

Julia Davis says:
Feb 13, 2014


Jen says:
Feb 13, 2014

4. Prep at home :)

Dana Collims says:
Feb 13, 2014

I like to prep at home! I’m a single mother so I don’t get the luxury of pampering myself often! I did buy, and swear by, your sleepwear night and eye cream! Looking forward to being able to try more!

Alyssa Wilson says:
Feb 13, 2014

I love prepping at home. Exfoliating, applying makeup etc. I feel beautiful after getting ready for a night out.

nancy fiorenza says:
Feb 13, 2014

Prep at home. Exfoliate, moisturize and apply makeup

Stephany King says:
Feb 13, 2014

Being an esthetician….anything to give myself a natural, healthy glow!!!!!

Vicki says:
Feb 13, 2014

Hands down a professional facial treatment

Jan Young says:
Feb 13, 2014

Number 4 – I prep at home…

Eustacia Miliusis says:
Feb 13, 2014

I prep at home!

Iryna E. says:
Feb 13, 2014

Prep at home

Barbara says:
Feb 13, 2014

I prep at home because I enjoy doing things to help keep my skin healthy.

Polina Butler says:
Feb 13, 2014

Mani padi

Ted says:
Feb 13, 2014

I prep at home usually

Jeffrey R says:
Feb 13, 2014

Spa Facial!

Bev K says:
Feb 13, 2014

Spa Facial!

Andrea says:
Feb 13, 2014

I usually get a mani/pedi but prep at home with a Bioelements facial kit :)

Alecia says:
Feb 13, 2014

Number 4.

Brittany says:
Feb 13, 2014

I like to pamper myself at home. but on the other hand, theres nothing like having a great mani/pedi done to make you feel great.

Diane Miller says:
Feb 13, 2014

i love a manicure and Pedicure

Feb 13, 2014

Manicure and pedicure! :)

Karen says:
Feb 13, 2014

Prep at home!

Felicia E says:
Feb 13, 2014

I like to prep at home

Brooke says:
Feb 13, 2014

A facial is definitely the key to feeling fresh and beautiful for a big date. Good skin is always a good look!

Michelle H. says:
Feb 13, 2014

I love getting a mani/pedi.

Kariel Robertson says:
Feb 13, 2014

I love to prep at home! I know exactly what I need to look sensational!

Noreen Plevney says:
Feb 13, 2014

Manicure and pedicure, always makes a girl feel pretty!

Annette says:
Feb 13, 2014

A mani and pedi from the salon and a mask at home.

Virnen says:
Feb 13, 2014

Prep at home facial my DIY honey with brown sugar. Got no chance to pamper myself much now after giving birth especially this time that my baby is teething. This is the easiest way i know. Thanks!

Antonina Lackey says:
Feb 13, 2014

D. Prep at home. Thanks for the tips! I’ll be sure to tell my clients!!

Debbie says:
Feb 13, 2014

Make it #1 and #3.

Leland Lee says:
Feb 13, 2014


Heather USA (Facebook: Rosie Areola) says:
Feb 13, 2014

Prep, hair, mani, peid and makeup all at home, by me :)

Carole Jacobs says:
Feb 13, 2014

A spa facial. Even a senior citizen such as myself should keep up the facials and take care of our skin.

Leslie Fox says:
Feb 13, 2014

I like to prep at home, that way I am sure of how long it will take. If i go somewhere to get things done seems i am always running late afterwards.

Jessie Bailey says:
Feb 13, 2014


Since my husband was on snow patrol these past few days it has ruined our Valentine’s Day plans.

carlie geiser says:
Feb 13, 2014

I would definitely say a massage!! Allows me to relax and be more at ease!

Pam Myers says:
Feb 13, 2014

I like to prep at home from head to toes.

Stephanie V. says:
Feb 13, 2014

prep at home – by the time I have time to prep it’s midnight.

janet jules says:
Feb 13, 2014

I Love to pamper my self when I have a special occasion. From the top of my head to the bottom of my feet. I know your products are worth trying , I would love to have the chance. Thank You.

Aimee says:
Feb 13, 2014

Prep at home. Exfoliate, toner, moisturizer, makeup.

Lindsey Toppila says:
Feb 13, 2014

EeeeKkkk!!! Omg lets be honest i love love love all of the options lol but i normally prep at home (#4). Speaking of a facial i need one bad!!! Thank you for doing this giveaway… Fingers crossed!!!

lisa mcfarland says:
Feb 14, 2014

manicure and pedicure

kim says:
Feb 14, 2014

I am in love with your all things pure line! I have never tried anything else but my mother is currently waiting on a shipment for dry skin travel kit…I hope she loves it as much as I do! I will continue to expand my options with your other products =D

fran pillersdorf says:
Feb 14, 2014


Linda says:
Feb 14, 2014


Heather Rudy says:
Feb 14, 2014

Thanks for the great secrets. I just love some pampering.

LenaB says:
Feb 14, 2014

#4 Prep at home – although being able to indulge in the others would be nice once in a while!

Tina says:
Feb 14, 2014

Prep at home and manicure/pedicure!! I would love to prep with my Bioelements Kerafole and scrub I already have!! Love your products!! <3 Good luck to everyone!

Verlene H. says:
Feb 14, 2014

My favorite way to prep before a date is to give myself a manicure and a pedicure.

Anastasia says:
Feb 14, 2014

I love prepping at home. No professional can give me as much love and attention as ME. Plus, I’m on my own clock.

jeannine s says:
Feb 14, 2014

Prep at home.

Lisa says:
Feb 14, 2014

I love a spa facial, and I love bioelements! Kerafole is my favorite mask!

Shannon S. says:
Feb 14, 2014

I love a good hot shower and a good exfoliation. Doing my hair is a bonus

Michelle says:
Feb 14, 2014

I tend to #4 prep at home and would luv some of your products to prep with.

Nancy Reid says:
Feb 14, 2014

Always a mani pedi!!

Crystal N says:
Feb 15, 2014

Facial and then the manicure and pedicure.

Julie P. says:
Feb 15, 2014

4. Prep at home

Christina Williams says:
Feb 16, 2014

I start first by doing everything at home by making a sugar scrub for my hands and feet. Exfoliating my hands and feet then I apply a hydrating mask to my face and sit by the fire and close my eyes and meditate ♡

Courtney says:
Feb 16, 2014

Manicure and Pedicure. I would be doing an at-home facial with bioelements products as well.

Colleen says:
Feb 16, 2014

I love getting my fingers & toes done!

Morgan Kagy says:
Feb 16, 2014

I like to prep at home!

Sherri Jones says:
Feb 16, 2014

#4 saves time and money.

Meena Nichani says:
Feb 16, 2014

Mani pedi!

Petunia says:
Feb 16, 2014

I love getting a mani/pedi and doing at an home facial. Thanks for the giveaway :)

maria lanaro says:
Feb 16, 2014

I am a cosmetologist and estitition. I just discovered your line and I am in love! Were have you been all my personal and career life. I love facials at home in the spa anywhere!!

laurie says:
Feb 16, 2014

prep at home

Jessica says:
Feb 16, 2014

Prep at home!

Robin J. says:
Feb 16, 2014

I always prep at home and have NOT ever had the luxury of a spa facial! 😀

Yolanda Britt says:
Feb 16, 2014


Christina p says:
Feb 16, 2014

Pedi and facial and I’m way overdue for a date night with my hubby. We’ve only had one since our soon to be 3 yr old was born.

Stacey Eickholt says:
Feb 16, 2014

Prepping at home

Katie Larson says:
Feb 16, 2014

I love a facial and pedi!

Tori says:
Feb 16, 2014

Prep at home…nails, hair, makeup, the works!!!!

Tammy Dornseif says:
Feb 16, 2014

I like to do an at home treatments before a date night. If I can I will go and get a manicure and pedicure.

Billie Nichols says:
Feb 16, 2014

I am an at home prepper. I am an esthetician and I barely have time to go and get services done to myself. But a kerafole mask and some Advanced C cream always do the trick. :)

kathleen nelson says:
Feb 16, 2014


Kellie says:
Feb 16, 2014

Prep at home. Wish I could find the $ and time for the other 3:)

An Gooch says:
Feb 16, 2014

prep at home

Jenny says:
Feb 16, 2014

Before a special occasion date with my hubby I like to get a manicure/pedicure either outside at a salon or more often than not just doing it myself at home after the kiddies are asleep with some music and a candle burning. It’s my little way of relaxing :).

Suzanne says:
Feb 16, 2014


Lori Leal says:
Feb 16, 2014

4. I like to prep at home because it’s afforadable and I can do all all the anove…a mani and pedi, an at-home spa facial and hopefully, if the date goes well…maybe I’ll get a massage afterwards!! :)

Cipriana says:
Feb 16, 2014

It’s a combo of 1, 3 and 4. Once I’ve made myself look pretty I like to use Bioelements Peptide spray to finish my look.

Lindsay says:
Feb 16, 2014

Definitely number four:)

Nicolette Cota says:
Feb 16, 2014

I love to prep at home all day! Gotta show up looking on point!♡

Kenni says:
Feb 16, 2014

I give myself a nice relaxing home facial and finish with a great moisturizer to give me a dewy glow

Nicole Weston says:
Feb 16, 2014

Prep at home…with Bioelements skin care of course!! I have been dying to try body products like the vitalization lotion and your dry brush kit.

Danielle says:
Feb 16, 2014

Chinese Herbology facial the night before and Crest whitening strips and lets not forget my favorite perfume and I am ready to go out on the town with my husband.

Alyssa Rixson says:
Feb 16, 2014

I prep at home. That way I don’t feel rushed to go anywhere, and I can do things just the way I want them done!

Christine N says:
Feb 16, 2014

I like to prep at least 1-2 days in advance for that special date and with bioelements skin care! :)

Kristen W says:
Feb 17, 2014

Definitely prep at home all day. I usually do a mani/pedi and at-home facial while prepping. Also detoxing a couple days before the date really makes me feel a lot better.

Robyn S. says:
Feb 17, 2014

I do a mani and prep all rest at home!

Jessica Miller says:
Feb 17, 2014

I prep at home saves time and money!

melanie says:
Feb 17, 2014

I prep at home!

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