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3 Tested ways to undo dry flaky skin right now

Does your skin get flaky, itchy, scaly, or irritated when the weather gets cold? Are you worried about your dull, sallow, or devitalized appearance this time of year? If so, you likely have dehydrated skin and a buildup of dead skin cells. This uncomfortable condition tends to be more prevalent in the winter months, with […]


How to do a skin detox

Often, the most common skin complaints estheticians hear can be traced back to a single cause: skin toxicity. Skin detoxification can prevent and solve many skin concerns, like wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, breakouts, clogged pores, skin sensitivity, dehydration, and more. Continue reading to learn how to help your skin detox. What is skin detoxification? Skin detoxification is […]


The Best Skin Care Advice of All Time

When it comes to skin care advice, the internet is full of false information. If you don’t believe us, just read these terrible skin care headlines. We’ve heard a great deal of bad skin care advice from “you only need SPF in the summer” to “you don’t need to wash your face” and everything in […]


Antioxidant benefits: How to get healthy skin

You have probably heard of the importance of including antioxidants in your diet, but what about in your skin care? Antioxidants play a vital role in how your skin looks, functions, and ages. Read on to learn about different antioxidant benefits and how they can help your skin. ANTIOXIDANTS FIGHT FREE RADICALS Ever watch a […]


How to clean makeup brushes (and why you should)

Want clear, radiant, healthy skin? It starts with clean makeup brushes. Read on to learn why clean makeup brushes are crucial to great skin – and how to clean them easily. Why you need to clean your makeup brushes Simply put, dirty makeup brushes can harm your skin. Brushes that seem clean to the naked […]


Loss of fullness? How to plump skin up

As you age, your skin loses some of its volume and fullness. This natural aging, along with environmental factors can cause your skin to appear lined, with less elasticity and fullness. Keep reading to learn how to plump your skin up. Why isn’t my skin tight and plump? Natural chronological aging brings on a gradual […]


Do you know how to choose the best facial cleanser?

Facial cleansers are one of the most important tools in your skin care arsenal. They work to remove all traces of dirt, makeup and other impurities to leave your skin fresh, clean, and ready for targeted treatments. Cleansing your skin is the first step in your skin care regime because it preps the skin for […]


Do chemical peels hurt? 5 myths and the facts

Do chemical peels hurt? What does a chemical peel do? We hear questions like these on a daily basis from curious clients. Chemical peels are the professional skin care treatment that is shrouded in the most mystery. There is a lot of incorrect information out there, so read on to separate the myths from the […]


How to layer your skin care the right way

Do you run out of skin care products quickly? Feel like you don’t receive the full benefits? When you apply too much, or in the incorrect order, you can do your skin (and your wallet) harm. Read on to learn how to apply your skin care in the correct order, and how much skin care […]


Do you make these skin care mistakes?

Do you make skin care mistakes in your daily routine? No one is perfect – even your esthetician has made mistakes on her own skin at some point in time. Unfortunately, common skin care mistakes can actually age you, and even lead to more skin issues. Read on to learn the most common skin care mistakes, and […]