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How to Treat Melasma

Melasma is a pretty common condition that isn’t well understood by most people. It often occurs in pregnant women, but is known to be set off by certain medications as well. In this post we’ll break down how to treat melasma and also what melasma is, what are some melasma causes and where it can […]


Why Get a Facial for Acne?

Have you ever thought about getting a facial for acne? If you suffer with acne at 40, or any age, one of the best ways to treat and prevent acne is to get a facial for acne. There are three main reasons a facial for acne can help your skin clear up and heal properly. […]


Redhead Skin Care: Myths and Truths

There are a lot of myths when it comes to redhead skin care and redhead skin problems. Unfortunately these common misconceptions get shared over and over, making it hard to separate what is fact and what is fiction. Read on to see the most common redhead skin care myths surrounding redhead skin problems and the […]


Skin Care Myths: 6 Skin Care Headlines You Should Never Share

Tabloids, bloggers, and even news outlets are perpetuating some of the worst skin care myths. It seems like every day I come across another skin care article shared on Facebook or Twitter that offers advice that ranges from completely useless to downright dangerous. Make sure you (and your social media friends) are correctly informed when […]


Redhead Skin Care: Sensitive Skin Products

True sensitive skin is like eye color – you’re born with it. Sensitive skin usually affects those with fair complexions (like redheads), so skin flushes easily, and can get blotchy, itchy, or feel stinging. Red is a gorgeous hair color, but redness on the skin, along with the other issues, are common problems that most […]


My Pores Are Huge

Dealing with large pores is one of the age-old complaints women and men have about their skin. We can answer the question ‘how to close your pores’ very easily: you can’t. Contrary to popular belief, your pores do not open and close. What they actually do is stretch. Can you shrink pores? No, but the […]


Skin Care Ingredients to Avoid: How to Get Rid of Adult Acne

How to stop breakouts starts with knowing what skin care ingredients to avoid. The best products for adult acne, or acne at any age, will be over-the-counter (OTC) medicines. If you aren’t sure if a product is OTC, check the label. If it’s an OTC acne product it will have a Drug Facts box. Read […]


How to Get Rid of Adult Acne: The Right Products At Home

Pimples and breakouts aren’t just for teenagers! Acne in adults is one of the most common skin complaints, and it can be extremely embarrassing and feel downright devastating. How to get rid of adult acne is similar to getting rid of acne as a teen, but there are additional, unique concerns that adults need to […]


What to Do After a Facial & What to Tip for a Facial: Facial Encyclopedia Part 4

Ever wonder what to tip for a facial, what to do after a facial or how often should you get a facial? The answer to those questions depends on what kind of facial you received, and what your biggest skin concerns are. In this final part of our Facial Encyclopedia series, I’m giving you easy-to-remember […]


Oily Skin Mistake: Your Oil Blotting Sheets

Why is my skin oily? What causes oily skin? These questions often plague those who suffer from oily skin, but the answer isn’t a simple one. Oily skin can be caused by a whole host of unexpected factors like stress, your medication, overusing certain skin care products, or even getting a tan! To see our […]