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Causes of Aging Skin: Intrinsic Aging

Intrinsic aging, or chronological aging, is the natural process of skin aging due to internal influences. While we can’t entirely stop intrinsic aging, we can target the physical age signs that appear on the skin. Keep reading to learn what intrinsic aging is, how it’s different from extrinsic aging, and how to prevent aging skin. […]


Causes of Aging Skin: Free Radical Damage

Do you know what free radicals are? They’re one of the top causes of skin aging, yet many people have never heard of them. Keep reading to learn what free radicals are, how they age the skin, and how to prevent free radical damage.   What are free radicals? Free radicals are highly unstable and […]


Causes of Aging Skin: Tanning 101

Do you love to get a “healthy” glow from the sun? Do you think a little color is good for your skin? It turns out there’s nothing healthy about a tan (even a “base tan”). The sun is one of the biggest causes of aging skin, and you damage your skin every time you leave […]


Easy Ways to Remove Makeup: Do This, Not That

Everyone wants a skin care shortcut, but some shortcuts should be avoided at all costs. Many people search high and low for easy ways to remove makeup, and choose makeup wipes. However, this skin care shortcut does more harm than good. Keep reading to learn the truth about makeup wipes – and the alternative, easy […]


How to make life easier: 7 insanely easy skin hacks

Think you don’t have the time or patience for a complete, effective skin care routine? Think again – our skin “hacks” make it easy to get great skin. Plus, they actually make the rest of your daily routine easier, too. Read on for 7 easy skin hacks from the skin care pros:   #1: Create a […]


Skin type quiz: Why you need to know your true type

The trick to great skin? Know your true skin type, and use the right products. That’s the secret to a clear, healthy, younger-looking complexion. When you use products designed for a different skin type it can lead to breakouts, dryness, and more. Take our easy skin type quiz below to see what your true type […]


How to use a face mask & what kind you need

Face masks are an essential part of any good skin care routine, but how do you choose the right one? There are almost as many masks as there are skin concerns, but it doesn’t have to be hard to identify your perfect formula. Read on to learn which mask is right for you and how […]


How to pop a pimple (When you just can’t resist)

Want to know how to pop a pimple on your face? It’s best to leave “extractions” to the pros, but we all know that sometimes the temptation is too strong. Who wants to face the world with a giant pimple? But before you take matters into your own hands, learn what type of breakout you […]


7 Skin Care Facts + Myths: Don’t make these Mistakes!

In today’s world of non-stop information, it is often difficult to tell the difference between the skin care myths and the skin care facts. But don’t worry; we’re here to help you identify truth from fiction. We’ve asked a panel of licensed estheticians and skin care experts what skin care myths they hear most often […]


Stinging skin: How to prevent it

It may be a common expression, but does pain really equal beauty? Let’s set this myth straight: Your beauty products and skin care should never be painful. If your skin care leaves you with stinging skin, you’re using the wrong products. Keep reading to see what causes stinging skin and how to prevent it. Why […]