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Hot Weather Skin Problems: Summer Skin Care for Sensitive Skin

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Skin care for sensitive skin can be tricky regardless of the season, but summer poses some unique challenges. When skin becomes irritated, invisible inflammation sets in, encouraging the production of free radicals that can actually cause wrinkles and skin-aging. That’s why it’s so important to use the best cleanser for sensitive skin and find the […]


How to reduce face redness: 4 simple steps to calm sensitive skin

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Skin irritation and redness on the face can be a year-round problem, but an exceptionally harsh winter has bumped these concerns to the top of nearly everyone’s list. Yet, even though so many people are experiencing excessive dryness, flaking, flushing, and touch sensitivity, treating Sensitive skin can still seem like a mystery. My inbox is […]


Your foolproof rosacea skin care routine

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Although an estimated 16 million Americans suffer from rosacea, most of them aren’t aware of it*. If you have rosacea, knowing as much as possible about your skin and its condition can help you both in the treatment room, and at home. Here’s a quick guide to rosacea, and what your skin care can do […]


From Concern to Countertop: Skin Redness

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  I’m excited to unveil a brand new feature, where I’ll examine a specific skin concern many of you face – like breakouts, sensitivity, or fine lines – and give you the remedy recommended straight from the professionals. Let’s get started: Are you seeing redness? Then let’s send your skin to anger management! THE CONCERN: […]


Sensitive skin… or something else?

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A friend called me recently with a question about sensitive skin care. She told me she never had sensitive skin before she moved to the Southwest, where she quickly took to the outdoors – relaxing outside and swimming almost every day in her pool. I had to stop her right there. Truly sensitive skin doesn’t […]