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BUSTED: 4 skin depigmenting and brightening myths and the truth behind them

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Recently I’ve noticed some attention-grabbing headlines and articles about skin “lightening” or “brightening” that have left me with growing concern about how easy it is to get misinformation on treating dark spots and uneven skin tone. So what’s real and what’s fiction? To set the record straight, here are the top 4 skin brightening myths, […]


The 7 Skin Sins: Sun

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Over the last 7 weeks, I’ve been talking about skin sins – lifestyle habits that can wreak short- and long-term havoc on your skin. From alcohol to lack of sleep, I’ve covered them all. This week, I’m revealing the last sin in the series – it’s one we all know about, but often overlook: the […]


Clients worried about age spots, discoloration and signs of past acne?

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Skin care professionals: With Fall here, clients are facing with a new set of skin concerns. But more than just dehydration, they might be experiencing a problem that can be years in the making: hyperpigmentation. Whether it’s hormonally triggered, prompted by injury, or a side effect of sunburns past, another summer in the sun can […]


Hyperpigmentation? Forget You Ever Had It.

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Your skin never forgets. From suntans to acne, your skin keeps a visible record of the trauma it faces, which often shows up in the form of hyperpigmentation – dark spots and discoloration on your skin. While it might not show up for days or even years afterward, the hyperpigmentation you see now is the […]