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Top 5 wrinkle causes and their skin care solutions

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Signs of aging, like lines and sagging, might seem inevitable with chronological age, but there are quite a few lifestyle and environmental factors that contribute to them. The good news: some of them are totally avoidable. The bad news: some aren’t – but you can combat their effects with professional skin care. I’m sharing 5 […]


5 reasons you’ll see results from under eye exfoliation

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Between squinting, tugging, sun damage, genetics and so much more, there’s no limit to the number of things that want to age the delicate skin around your eyes. But how do you find a serious solution for skin that’s as thin as an eggshell? The answer might surprise you… Despite being the thinnest on your […]


Professional At Home Facial Exfoliation

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Did you know that each one of your skin cells has a life span of just 28-30 days? At the beginning of the cycle, it starts as a bright, healthy cell, but by its final days it becomes flaky, dehydrated, and colorless. Your skin works hard to naturally shed these cells daily, but as we […]


Squinting, eye wrinkles, and your plan of action

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How are you reading this? On a computer? Or a tablet – like an iPad? Are you reading it on a smart phone – like a Blackberry, or an iPhone? Is it sunny outside? Have you spent the entire day in front of a computer, or switching your gaze from computer to TV to text […]



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Have you ever wondered why we have such adorable names for the facial lines we dread? Is this some silly mind-word game to make us think that those crevices that creep into our complexions are actually likeable? For example, the cute-sounding marionette lines, which are actually deep, Howdy-Doodyish creases that go from our outer lips […]


This is not what I wanted in my Easter basket

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Recently my dermatologist looked me in the face and said “I can use some Botox™ to stop any bunny lines from forming.”  What?  Did he say “bunny lines?” I felt my heartbeat quicken and my pulse go wild. I knew all about crowsfeet, frown lines and even marionette lines…but bunny lines? What could these hideous […]