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Acne at 40: Adult acne remedies for women with acne

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  Acne at 40 can be more than frustrating. But the fact is, adult acne is on the rise. A study examining the prevalence of acne in adults over age 20 found that acne affects more than 50 percent of women between the ages of 20-29 and more than 25 percent of women between the […]


An Acne Treatment How To – Acne Dos

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Are you always searching for the best products for your acne prone skin? The top acne cleansers, the most potent acne ingredients? Last week I talked to you about what not to do for acne – the Acne Don’ts. Now, I’m sharing my easy Acne Dos: ACNE DOS Rely on a consistent at-home acne skin […]


A How-To on Acne Pimples – Acne Don’ts

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Are pimples and acne your enemy #1? Are you always ready to try the next gadget, the late night infomercial products, and the spinning gizmos to get skin that is acne free? It makes sense – a single pimple can ruin the day, and several of them can be devastating. But don’t get fooled into […]


Unnecessary Skin Care and Beauty Products: Blemish Extractors

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This is my third installment writing about skin care products you don’t need, and I have to say, this one pains me the most. As a skin care professional for 30+ years, I know there’s nothing that can permanently harm your skin more that trying to perform your own extractions at home. And using a […]


Let’s talk about back acne

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It’s estimated that 75% of those who have facial acne also suffer from breakouts on the back. But just because you can’t face it in the mirror directly, doesn’t mean you have no control over its appearance. Here are 3 ways to say goodbye to bacne and get your skin looking so clear and smooth, […]


I now pronounce you acne-free

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Imagine walking down the aisle in a gorgeous designer wedding gown, carrying a bouquet of white orchids and wearing a two-karat sparkly diamond ring. Now add to that a face full of small, under-the-skin acne bumps. Kind of ruins the whole scenario, doesn’t it? This is exactly what an acquaintance of mine was facing for […]