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The 10 Minute Winter Skin Fix You Always Forget

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We’re not even halfway through winter, but an overwhelming amount of us are already battling dry, tight, uncomfortable skin. As the air chills and dries out, it takes the moisture in your skin with it through a process called Trans Epidermal Water Loss (TEWL). Added to dry, forced indoor heating, hot showers, and harsh winds, […]


The 7 Skin Sins: Dehydration

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We are in week 4 of the skin sins series – blog posts dedicated to discussing lifestyle habits that can wreak short- and long-term havoc on your skin. I’ve talked about some major no-no’s so far, like sugar, skipping sleep, and smoking – but this week I’m covering a somewhat trickier sin: dehydration. Unlike a […]


Winter Skin Woes

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  It’s finally here! We’ve reached the halfway point between November and March – the months when over 80 million Americans say their skin gets dry and itchy. I’ve talked before about dry skin causes and remedies to help dry itchy skin, but now I want to turn the focus specifically to moisturizers. Not all skin […]


Unnecessary Skin Care Products: BB Creme – the ‘Snuggie’ of Skin Care

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As a skin care professional, people always ask me to recommend the best products. But I thought it might be time to tell you about the skin care products you DON’T need. Starting this week, I’m sharing my top list of unnecessary skin care products. First up is BB creme – the latest fad to […]


Ditch that Winter Itch!

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It wasn’t there in August, but it suddenly appears in December – the itchy, dry, flaky skin that has you scratching all season long. In fact, over 80 million Americans say their skin gets dry and itchy between the months of November and March.* The Reason When your skin is functioning healthy, it’s comprised of […]


The T-Zone Combo Mambo

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Want to dance the Mambo? Popular in the 50’s, the basic steps of this Latin dance go like this: Take one step forward with your right foot, then bring it back to where it was. Then take one step backward with your left foot, and bring it back to where it was. Or take those […]


Just relax already

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It’s funny – or maybe not so funny – but some days just seem to fall apart from the moment you wake up. My morning started with my plasma TV screen dying. Then my brother called to tell me he got a $300 traffic ticket. I had asked someone in my company to refer a […]