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The 2 ingredients you’ll regret finding in your skin care

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Articles that tout the virtues of using a product with one ingredient over another are never in short supply, but what about those you should avoid? I’m not talking about ingredients that those with specific skin concerns should avoid (like using a physical exfoliant on inflamed acne), but ingredients that could actually harm any skin […]


The acne and rosacea-improving ingredient hiding in your anti-aging serum

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They might be famous for their dietary benefits, but it’s been no secret to us that probiotics are the little-known ingredient your anti-aging skin care is probably missing. The topical application of probiotics (pioneered back in 2006 by Bioelements) is now getting the seal of approval from the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD). They’ve just […]


The little known ingredient your anti-aging serum needs NOW

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With a wealth of information on anti-aging skin care available, you can probably recite the ingredient buzzwords alphabetically. While antioxidants, retinol, and sunscreen are all important components to any effective anti-aging skin care routine, the odds are good that you’re still leaving out one important ingredient: probiotics! Your skin has natural microflora – an environment […]


3 Reasons DIY Beauty Recipes are Not Safe

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  From at-home sugar scrubs to egg yolk masks, I see ridiculous beauty ‘recipes’ every day of under catchy titles like: “Skip the Spa!” and “Do it Yourself!” Each one tries to convince me that I can get the same results as real professional skin care products – I just have to raid the refrigerator (or […]


3 ways olive oil benefits skin

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“Olive oil for the skin? You mean real olive oil – from real olives?” Those were the types of question I was always asked when I first developed Bioelements Sensitive Skin Cleanser – a gentle oil-to-foam cleanser for sensitive skin that’s dermatologist and clinically tested to be non-irritating. A true breakthrough skin care product, I created […]


Fuming over parfume & dyes

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It seems like there’s been an explosion of beauty tester kits you can sign up for and receive in the mail. I’ve signed up to check out a few of them, and so have some of the women who work in Bioelements office of Strategy and Support in Chicago. It can be exciting – you […]


Hide skin care ingredients? Why?

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I went on a search this week. An online search for ingredients. Truth be told, I was looking to see if another line – any other line – had acerola cherries in their skin care, like I had added in our new Advanced VitaMineral C Complex antioxidant formula.