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Teresa Stenzel
Bioelements Director of Education Teresa Stenzel has been a member of the Bioelements esthetics team since 1993. With a key role in the company’s integration of new professional products, she helps develop new facial and body treatment techniques, as well as new curriculum for Bioelements, ensuring skin care professionals receive the education they need to deliver the best skin care recommendations and professional treatments from coast to coast.

Everything you ever wanted to know about hair removal – how to prep, what to expect, and advice from the pros

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It’s always swimsuit season somewhere, and when it comes to getting bathing suit-ready, hair removal is typically my clients’ #1 concern. With so many methods available, there’s no shortage of ways to shed unwanted body hair – what’s missing is the knowledge surrounding them! Here’s my complete guide to hair removal and everything you need […]


Top 5 reasons to exfoliate your eyes and how to see results today!

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Between squinting, tugging, sun damage, genetics and so much more, there’s no limit to the number of things that want to age the delicate skin around your eyes. But how do you find a serious solution for skin that’s as thin as an eggshell? The answer might surprise you… Despite being the thinnest on your […]


Steam during a facial: What’s truth, and what’s hot air?

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Some find steaming essential during a facial, while others are using it to blame for a facial that fell flat.But swear by it or swear off it, not everything I’ve been hearing about this heated treatment room topic is accurate. And when you’re talking about water that’s so hot it’s been vaporized, misinformation can be […]


TREATMENT ROOM TABOO: Gloves or No Gloves?

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  We’re always posting tips, tricks and news on Bioelements Facebook page, often sparking great conversation between both pros and spa-goers alike. Recently, posts demonstrating some of Bioelements Signature Techniques prompted comments, and even some questions, about the use of gloves during a treatment. Curious to hear how others felt about it, we opened the […]


4 Skin care secrets for a head-to-toe date night glow

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With so much to think about before a big date, your skin might be the last thing on your mind. In reality, great skin is the foundation to the perfect outfit, flawless makeup, and a date-night glow. Here are my 4 little secrets that can give your skin a gorgeous glow right before a date. […]


DO THIS NOW: Throw away your skin care – 3 Steps to reevaluate, reexamine and recommit to great skin this year

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“New Year, new me.” It’s the motto heard everywhere this time of year, and it isn’t just applied to diet and fitness. Day in and day out, I talk to people who have questions about their skin – and many of them tell me they are confused and overwhelmed by a bathroom counter that’s full […]


2 Awkward Spa Situations and their Simple Solutions

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Treatment rooms are intimate. So it’s no surprise that awkward situations can happen at any time. Still, whether it’s a little drool or a quiet snore, no situation is too awkward to skip the amazing benefits of a professional spa treatment experience! We asked Bioelements Facebook fans to share their “spawkward” stories and they delivered […]


Spa Stories: What’s Missing From this Facial?

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One of the best parts of my role as Bioelements Director of Education is that I’m able to talk on a daily basis with skin care professionals all over the globe. I think it’s safe to say I’ve heard thousands of stories from estheticians about what can happen inside the spa treatment room. Now, it’s […]


4 Treatment Room Tips to Expect the Unexpected

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  Skin care professionals: Have you ever been taken by surprise in the treatment room? Try as we might to ensure a smooth, relaxing facial with a carefully assembled step-by-step process, real life is unscripted. Clients can have unexpected sensitivities – so smart estheticians will always have a plan in place for any time a […]


3 Tips for Talking to Clients about Oil Control

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Skin care professionals: With spring underway, and summer hot on its tracks, more and more clients will come into the treatment room experiencing excess shine. I’ve talked about oily skin causes , and how Oil Control Mattifier can stop the shine before it starts, but it might seem difficult to find a time to recommend […]