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Acne at 40: Adult acne remedies for women with acne



Acne at 40

Acne at 40 can be more than frustrating. But the fact is, adult acne is on the rise. A study examining the prevalence of acne in adults over age 20 found that acne affects more than 50 percent of women between the ages of 20-29 and more than 25 percent of women between the ages of 40-49. And there is a disproportionate number of women with acne than men.*

If you’re dealing with acne at 40, or 30, or 50… these facts are likely of little comfort. You just want adult acne remedies that will clear your acne, and keep your skin smooth, spotless and healthy-looking month after month – right?

Well – you’re in luck! I’ve spent years as a professional esthetician working with adult acne clients of every age, and I’ve spent just as many years developing scientifically smart, professional products for acne that are depended on by pros in spa treatment rooms from coast to coast.

Here are the adult acne remedies I’ve learned that you can use today:

1. Use effective at-home products for acne prone skin

When you have acne at 40 – or acne at any age – you need to treat it daily with over-the-counter (OTC) medicines that include the most effective FDA-approved active ingredients that are intended for use in the treatment and prevention of acne. This includes acne cleansers, astringent acne treatments, and active acne masks.

2. Know your ingredients

Look at the labels before you use any acne skin care product. Make sure it has a Drug Facts box (that’s how you’ll know it’s an OTC), and includes Active Ingredients such as salicylic acid, sulfur or benzoyl peroxide. Avoid any Inactive Ingredients listed that include artificial dyes like red, blue or yellow. And avoid acne products with “fragrance” or “parfum.”

3. Get a professional acne facial

Here’s why:

  • The combination of at-home products you use coupled with professional services is a ‘one-two punch’ on acne and will clear your skin even faster.
  • Your professional knows how to properly prep your skin for extractions without causing irritation, damage or further breakouts.
  • They’ll monitor your skin’s progress and make necessary adjustments to your at-home care.

Find a Bioelements spa near you here to book an acne facial.

4. Downward dog or Housewife brawl?

Acne loves stress. Any time the body is exposed to a stressor, external or internal, the brain triggers hormonal, immune and nervous system reactions. These hormonal changes can disrupt the skin’s natural cycle, and cause breakouts. So whether it’s practicing yoga or the watching the Real Housewives of Orange County scream at each other – do something that de-stresses you. It’s one of the easiest adult acne remedies.

5. Watch the calendar

Women with acne can feel like time is standing still when there’s a pimple on their chin. But since adult acne is tied so closely to changes in hormones, you can use those hormones in your favor. Pay attention to your cycle each month – and try to pre-empt your breakouts with the right products and ingredients. For example, if you breakout on your chin each month, use a sulfur and lactic acid acne mask for a few nights in a row on the area before you predict a breakout will appear – right when it’s still “brewing” under the surface.

Do you have acne at 40? Are you one of the many adult women with acne? Ask me your questions below!

 *Source: American Academy of Dermatology


Barbara Salomone

Barbara Salomone

One of the first-ever licensed estheticians in the U.S., Barbara is an architect of the modern American facial. Her point-of-view is that a balance of nutrition, fitness and daily skin care is the only realistic way to great looking skin. Since launching the Bioelements line in 1991, she has trailblazed the skin care industry, incorporating nutritional supplements into topical skin care products including antioxidants, calcium, probiotics and lutein.

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Comments (18)

[…] article originally appeared at The Bioelements SkinReading Blog. It was written by Barbara Salomone. Barbara is one of the first-ever licensed estheticians in the […]

J Mark de Haan says:
Jun 10, 2013

Well researched article. I agree with your advise to avoid chemical ingredients artificial dyes fragrance. The less potentially harmful chemicals we subject ourselves to, the better.

I’ve been reading about the immune system playing a part in helping to control acne outbreaks.

Damaris says:
Dec 15, 2013

Im 40 had 6 kids acne getting real bad , big bumps, dont want to get smaller no matter what i use, & when I use the pimple medicine it dries my face, use acne facial scrub, mask, dont know what else to use

Teresa Stenzel
teresa says:
Dec 16, 2013

Hi Damaris, Have you always had issues with acne, or is this a more recent problem? Hormones can definately exacerbate an acne problem. Are these ‘big bumps’ you describe deep within your skin and are they flesh toned, or raised, red with a white center? Can you please email me your direct phone number so that I can call you to discuss this further? With more information from you, your healthy history and what you’ve tried, I can offer some professional advice on the best way for you to proceed for some results.

susan krueger says:
Dec 18, 2013

Iam 39 an still getting pimples iam so tired of them on my face they make you look terriable exspeacialy when ur older i have two younger kids an a older daughter help my face is getting worse looks aweful lil ones big deep one swallon i need help pleaae

Teresa Stenzel
teresa says:
Dec 19, 2013

Hi Susan, I’d love to talk with you to learn more about you and your skin. If you’d like to consult with me directly, please email me your phone number and I’ll give you a call.

Warm regards,

Teresa Stenzel

Lisa says:
Dec 31, 2013

Are your products non comedogenic?

Teresa Stenzel
teresa says:
Jan 1, 2014

Hi Lisa, you can safely use these products without worry, as we stay away from ingredients that are notorious due to their potential for skin irritation: Bioelements products do not contain artificial dyes, parabens, synthetic fragrance, pthalates, sulfates, mineral oil or petrolatum.

Leslie Norman says:
Feb 9, 2014

I AM 48 for last 5 years the hard deep cyst like hurt red. Verypainful . They come in clusters. Also..I’ve used high end products such as obaji. Nothing works.. They hurt badly.

Annamaria says:
Mar 3, 2014

Hi Teresa, i am 43 years old and i have never had pimples in my life, even when i was a teenager…. until now! I am experiencing a strange breakout, red pimples with white head, sometimes just red and swollen, under the skin in the temples, neck, cheeks, chin, inside my ears and behind it, under my hair. I know it must be an hormonal problem, ( i had my worst breakout as soon as i turned 40, my entire face and upper arms were covered with pimples) so my question is: Is there any medicine or vitamins i can take to help solve this problem?
Thank you for your advice.

Teresa Stenzel
Teresa Stenzel says:
Mar 3, 2014

Hi Annamaria – Due to the severity of your breakouts and the fact that it seems to be even underneath your hairline, I would see a physician. It might, in fact be hormonal, but this does not sound like typical hormonal breakouts – it might be an indication of another skin disorder or internal imbalance. Being an esthetician, it’s my job to recognize what might be beyond our esthetics realm. My hunch tells me to professionally recommend that you get it checked out by a physician, just to be safe.

Warm regards,


Ally says:
Jul 24, 2014

I refuse to buy any more cow’s milk until the dairy industry completely rids of its hormone additives in cow feed. When I was too ill and nauseated from a flu bug, I quit milk and all dairy. Within a day I had flawless skin. It was unbelievable. Sorry guys, get your act together and I’ll buy cow’s milk again.

Shana says:
Aug 7, 2014

I’m turning 35 and have recently been suffering from serious breakouts on my chin line and forehead. I have have always had smooth, pimple free skin. The bumps are big and deep and cause lots of pain. They leave behind scars.

I’m sure its hormonal because I’m also suffering from extreme dry scalp- my hair has always been very oily- now its dry and brittle.
My thyroids have been tested and the results were normal. What should I do?

Barbara Salomone
Barbara Salomone says:
Aug 7, 2014

Hi Shana – I have a few questions: I see that you’ve had your thyroid tested, but have you visited a dermatologist to ensure you don’t have a skin disorder that might be causing or contributing to your breakouts? Have you been diagnosed with acne, eczema, psoriasis etc.? Some people can have more than one of these at the same time, such as rosacea and acne together. Since you say that your breakouts are deep and cause scars, I professionally recommend that you see a dermatologist for diagnosis/treatment if you have not already done so.

Pam says:
Oct 10, 2014

I am 49 and had a hysterectomy about 8 years ago. It seems like since i turned 49 in june my face has declared war. They are painful, red and HUHES. ive never had this type sitiations before
Please help

mandy says:
Oct 20, 2014

I’m almost 40 & I have acne, I wash my face every night to remove my makeup & every morning I use rubbing alcohol to remove oil/dirt from sleeping & it has not helped I’m still getting break outs worse than I ever did as a teen. Is there something else I can do or should I just call my Dr?

Teresa Stenzel
Teresa Stenzel says:
Oct 21, 2014

Hi Mandy,
First, let me say that we are here to help you. I’d like to communicate with you directly to find out more about your acne history, what you are currently using on your skin (besides rubbing alcohol), and what your doctor has told you about the type of acne that you have. Can you email me your information so that I can contact you directly? I look forward to speaking with you.

abbie says:
Jan 15, 2015

i’m 40 and since October i have getting numerious bump/pimples. one which got so bad i ended up in hospital bc it spread to half of my face..tested positive for mrsa. so they gave me antibiotics..but every now and than i get one..and while its healing i get the another and another..another. need it to stop. im also diabetics and allergic to sulfur and pencilin. can u recommend anything? emergency room doctors are really no help and no one seem to take this seriously…

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